The thief caught red-handed


Shekhar sneaked inside the dim-lit room where she was sleeping. Walking bare foot, he stops for one last time to admire, Shivani, ‘She looks divine like the sleeping beauty.’ Tired of repeating the same old thing for the past year, he walked barefoot, cautious not to stumble on anything and dropped the letter inside her favorite book, ’40 Rules of Love.’ Checking the time, it was already late and decided to hush up to the train station to catch the morning train in the cold Pune weather.

Suddenly, he felt a  bolt from the blue as the light was abruptlu switched on. The young man was caught red-handed and tried to rush when he saw Shivani standing and crossing her arms. The intensity in her eyes could be mistaken for a flurry of anger as she looked into his eyes.

“Oh! It was you, Shekhar!! Gosh, I should have known. After all, you are my best friend and you know everything about me. Damn!!! It’s you who has been sending me roses and letters throughout the year,” she was aghast.

Crest fallen, Shekhar didn’t know where to look and went blank. She slowly walked towards the table, flipped open the book and unfolded the letter:

Dear Shivani,

I am leaving the town for good. Perhaps, you will never know who I am. I am moving faraway from your life and may you get the love of your life. Love you.

She smiled and gave him a pat on his back. “Now, follow me in the kitchen and let’s share a cup of coffee. Dumbo!! The last time I told you in college that I am madly in love with someone, it was you only. After all, you know everything about me and yet you couldn’t decode the signs I was sending.”

They hugged each other this February 14. It was Valentine Day.




16 thoughts on “The thief caught red-handed

  1. Kalpana solsi

    This is such a sweet little love story and this could have happened anywhere on earth. People debate and discuss on complex topics but when it comes to the subject of heart they are tongue-tied.

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