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Ab Dilli Door Nahin Hai

Sprinkle some love with the broom of life..Safai, Jadu Pocha minus Dhoolai bas pyar, Ishq aur Mohabbat. The cold winter in Delhi is witnessing a unique love story this valentine season, a political romance minus vendetta. Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal thinks former comrade and super cop, Kiran Bedi is a nice lady, saying that he likes her. Bas itni si Baat. Why maketh it a big hell?

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It’s Valentine celebration, whipping unusual romance wafting through the dust in Delhi. It gonna be a memorable Valentine celebration for Kejriwali if one allows the exit polls do all the talking, hush hush behind the closet and mushy romance. Our AAP Dost is hell bent for a sweet revenge, popping the mouth-watering Gulab Jamun. Last Valentine Day, Dilli-wallahs were hell bent to offer him a red rose plus blanket and Get Well Soon card for his AAP-49 days in power. It looks like the corridors of power are attracting him like magnet. A tale of sleeping with the enemy. Bring on the muffler and the Blue Maruti, Baby!!!

Super duper cop Kiran Bedi is crying hoarse that apna Kejriwal been singing to prajah, ‘Vote lelena paisa bhi lelena.’ Apna Sapna Money Money all over the place. Last heard in some country in the Indian Ocean,  pot of gold was discovered. Arre Baap re! So much money. Hai re Bhagwaan!! Phutti Meri Kismet!!! How do they make such kind money to be distributed like freebies and sprinkle on the people on the streets? I wanna grab my pie. Super cop donning an Amitabh Bachchan avatar, firing in all directions with the gun of words. Ek dum Masaledar, I am telling! Zanjeer re-loaded!

By the way, where is the Congress in the Satta? Rahul Baba playing the invisible man aka Mr India, not to be seen anywhere in this match-fixing spot? Guess, they are lost in translation, striving for a place under the sun and bagging a role in the All India Bakchod, Roast, lost in translation. Now, who will play the invisible man in the AIB roast, lost in translation?!!

Cricket world cup is coming and makes me wonder who will hit a sixer among super cop Kiran, Arvind Sirr and Maken fellow!!! Some Daaru sharu. Arvind Sir been telling, Liquor and Paisa…people asking which party did this. Party abhi baaki hai coz it’s Saturday Night Fever. Yo!Yo! Honey Singh’s partying all night, Sunna saari Dilliwalon kitna Zor lagoa, daaru sharu gullan do.’

Poorn Bahumat, Chalo Chale Modi Ke Saath and Panch Saal Kejriwal is the new inspiration for Hindi movies apt titles. Make space, Sooraj Barjatya, ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ is passe and take some cue for some original one-liners to set the cash register ringing at the box-office.  Ab Dilli Door Nahin Hai kyon the Aam Junta have voted. Tomorrow, Sunday means Fun day for some and bucket loads of tears for the rest. Dilliwalon, the true Dilwale have voted for satta. Like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Superman be honored.






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