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Book Review: HFTMSFH is a fitting tribute to Shuddh Desi Romance

Book Review: He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him (HFTMSFH)

Author: Shikha Kumar

Publisher: Vitasta

Rating: Four Stars

Author Shikha Kumar with  her book, He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him
Author Shikha Kumar with her book, He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him (Image belongs to Shikha)

Love is the flavor of the season. A dicey love proposal whipped in pure filmi fashion has all the ingredients for success. You name it, you get it ! Love, drama, suspense, deceit and revenge. Like with the movies, it has a happy ending not before the vamp tries to give jittery to our villain turned hero. At one glance: He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him is pure entertainment that will send your pulses racing. A tale where tradition meets romance and modernity that reminds us of the ‘Shuddh Desi Romance of 80s and 90s. You cannot afford to miss this super duper love story.


Shreya – I’m a highly qualified Delhi girl earning an enviable salary. My parents are having a tough time finding a suitable groom for me. However, recently they have a proposal from this very interesting guy from Mumbai. I almost get mesmerized when he starts talking to me. Kunal-What my Mom doesn’t know is that I’ve met Shreya before once in my life and I’ve been looking for her ever since. I have a vendetta to settle…



I am going to be brutally honest: I love mushy mushy romance, rom-com that sparkles laughter and leaves me gushing, tickling my funny bones. There are only two kinds of movies or books: Either you make a good or bad one. I hate classification of art, entertainment or meaningful stuffs which is complete crap.

He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him boast of stunning mass appeal, reaching out to the readers who will feel the pain of Shreya whose life suddenly turns upside down. The author explores the love-hate-love angle, bringing the element of suspense and a murky past that gets dirtier by the day, with competence. The narration is engaging and engrossing as skeletons fall off the cupboard. What works in the book is the suspense element: One would’ve never thought that Shreya’s world would crash during the period of courtship and proposal. I would term the narration as a fresh breeze of air and a plot concocted differently not only to win hearts but makes it a complete page turner.


The author scripted lines that makes an impact on the readers. For your aesthetic pleasure:

1. “She walked into my room without letting me know; I walked into her life without letting her know. Then she crept into my heart without letting me know. You don’t fall when you are in love with a woman like her; you rise in love.”

2. Shreya composed herself and looked at Kunal. “Mr Kharbanda, your wife is crazy about you..Now that’s what is called happy ending/ Sandhya said, smiling now. “Every love story has its own journey. Reaching the destination is important.”

3. “Women power is actually driving the world,” Kunal said assertively. “And I am not ashamed of acknowledging that. She’s flawless at work and an impeccable home maker.” (Guys, are you listening? Tick Tock!!!)


What’s Not:

There are plenty of things to be said about He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him. First and foremost, the character Saloni who is portrayed as the vamp in the love story, hell bent to destroy peace and happiness was not really needed. I feel there is no harm to depict Saloni in a miss-and-blink appearance but see no reason for her shadow to loom large till the end. In fact, I love Saloni’s character as today’s woman who knows exactly what she wants in life. There is nothing wrong to pursue dreams in life. Second, I was a bit surprised to see a highly educated woman like Shreya to agree for lasik surgery imposed by the fiance and would be husband. I feel it goes against celebration of women’s identity and falls more in tune with society definition of ‘her’ rather than being ‘her.’ Thirdly, there are few typos that could have been avoided.

Final words:

There is the good and bad. Let’s focus on the good: Shikha’s He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him is romance meeting dicey past and gloriously re-defines the battle of sex. In the end, all is good between Kunal and Shreya who discover each other. The forte of the book remain the beautiful relationship between Shreya and her mother-in-law, conflict between Shreya and the mother where the former supports her husband and of course, Shreya arguing with her parents at the dining table, arguing what’s wrong for an independent woman to earn higher salary to make life happen. In short, He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Himis captivating and is light, breeze and stuff pure romance is made of. A beautiful tribute to the everything filmy that set the cash register ringing and made masses discover the lover boys and girls. Grab your copy to get a feel of romance on the silver screen.

Author Shikha Kumar contacted me to review the book and I enjoyed the book immensely. Never mind the brownies. A big thank to Shikha to send me across the book at midnight on January 1. A sweet gesture.

She can be contacted on and You can check the book on Amazon and

With Love





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