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Snippet of love

Hey folks, how does it feel to laze on a Sunday, reflecting about nothing and doing tp, whining time on whatsapp, blogging and reading. Let’s share some love: The rising blogging star, Shashank hosted me last Sunday on my blogging journey and it’s my first post. Read it and shower some love on the star, Shashank. Leaving a snippet of love in the post below.


Chowpatty, Mumbai

Cafe Coffee Day

SHE: Now, will you stop acting like some silent picture over your iced Arab Eskimo coffee. Say something. Why did you call me over something important. (She  controls her guffaw and smiles coyly)

HE: I mean, I just wanted to catch up….thought that you stay near by and we could catch up (Stammer and breathing he wished she could hear his heart beat)

SHE: What about those stupid forwards you’ve been whatsapping in the middle of the night?

HE: Actually, I wanna say something. But, promise, you won’t go mad..okay?!!!

SHE: Haan, Baba. Bol!!!!

HE: I mean, we’ve been friends for a long time, na. First tell me, Are you my friend?

SHE: Of course, you are among my best friends.. (giggles)

HE: I dunno how to say it. You know, I need someone, I think I like someone. Do you like me?

SHE: Dude, what kinda question is that? (Blushing)

HE: Anchal, you know I really like you..I mean, I looove you. Why can’t we be together? I know, you will not agree, why not give each other a chance?

SHE: Water. (She offered him a glass of water. He gulped it instantly)

She broke into a cackle of laughter.

SHE: You took so long to say it. A weird one to propose. I wanna pinch your cheeks, dumbo. I’ve been waiting for this proposal. What of I said NO.

HE: I don’t know.

SHE: Of course, I love you now for being so stupid.

They embrace each other.






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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