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Wednesday Prompt: I saw her standing there…

I thought I saw her standing there……..

The umbrella broke into pieces, vulnerable to the strong gush of wind flowing from the Arabian sea. Furious rains swept the city that stood powerless facing the force of nature that saw human masses stranded for the past three hours. The wooden and tin-roofed colonial shops provided shelter to me as I stood drenched from tip-to-toe. My jeans were soaked and legs lying in a patch of water in lieu of shoes, bundle of hair was sewn in water percolating on my face and white shirt stuck like glue to my body.

Feeling restless and powerless, I anxiously looked for the bus or taxi ambling slowly in the pool of water as dawn was slowly creeping. The last thing I wanted was a transport ferrying me back home and longing for my bed to sleep peacefully in the cold  rain. I abhorred the rain on that fateful day and cursing my luck for venturing out of the house. 

Swathe of human masses finding shelter under the roof of the shop made me uneasy. I was pulled back and forth as the crowd grew bigger and bigger to guard themselves against the furious rain. ‘Will this lash of nature ever stop?’ I wondered angrily. My thoughts veered to my break up in South Mumbai, the time we met and held hands, stealing kisses, on the same busy road, roaming aimlessly. We were in love. I was in love. Till the break up happened over the lunch when she uneasily announced her marriage fixed by her parents. I remained mute, oblivious to the sudden rain lashing outside the Parsi restaurant.

A yellow-and-blue cab honked to shake me off the flash back images reverberating in my mind. I hurried my steps to face the rain to storm inside the car. “Mumbai Central, bhaiya,” I told the driver with relief. The driver, lit a biddi and steered the ambassador car to life and as it brushed past the same Parsi hotel, a familiar face struck my senses and eyes like lightning. I strained my neck to peek out of the window. She has already turned her face,  draped in Black lehenga to chat with someone. I could hear her laugh from a distance. It was the same curly hair and demeanor standing high on the heels. The taxi zoomed to a distance where I lost her sight.

At night, I racked my brain as I made a whisky…I thought I saw her standing there…

This post, ‘I thought I saw him/here standing there…is written as part of #WriteTribeWednesdayPrompt 2015-1 – 21 January 2015. Check the link here

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt: I saw her standing there…

  1. Ooh. I wonder if you did indeed saw her standing there. 🙂
    I enjoyed reading this Vishal. You explored the possibilities of the prompt very well. I also like how Mumbai is often a character in your stories, and a strong one at that.

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