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TBC Picture Prompt 1: In the quest for love

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O! Mirror, mirror! Hold your might close and stand straight!

My shadowy, sensuous crimson face holding you in sway.

Besotted by my charm, wit and desire for the fruit of passion,

you shall not consume me during the night.

It’s not you that I desire.

My luscious, body charm shall stand still,

 for you will be my shield.

Longing for ecstatic pleasure, thrill of sensation and orgasmic pleasure.

Why desire is looming far away from my sight?

My vision is blurred, my heart is bleeding in the name of sensual joy.

Hold me tight mirror!

Don’t you dare caress me!

The princess, was surrounded by dozens of guards and servants in a life that revolved around abundance of wealth, luxury cars, horses. Lovers! She had plenty of them.

Her friends envied her life style, horses she rode as the mighty young lady in the palace. How I wished to be in her place, her female friends chorused. She constantly whines. What does she lack!, they sneered at her emotional outburst. A perfect life, palace filled with gold and long lasting wealth. The royal princess rode high in her carrier, waved at the subjects who secretly longed for her life. Shed a tear, she wanted to tell, “I’d love to fill in your shoes, surviving on morsel and sleeping on the floor. I wished someone would care and love me, touching every shred of my soul with intimacy.” She bended her head down and nodded with a twinge of sadness.

It was a fairy tale, told to thousands, reveling in the sheer delight of love, like Cinderella. Yet, the princess was loved by someone who fought tooth and nail for his beloved. Desires eluded her for there was no prince looking for his lady love. The fairy God mother popped in front of the princess and spoke in a gentle voice. “You are my shadow. You are not Cinderella for nobody ill treated you but wealth is showered on you. Blame it on your royal lineage for no average man will dare approach the most beautiful woman in this kingdom, smeared with wealth.”

The princess recovered from the shock waves and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am the fairy God Mother. I am You. I am the Mirror whom you consider as your shadow. I am no stranger to the sense and heart beat in your body. I shall leave this apple here. It’s the secret to intimacy and true love you desire. Many men made love not to your soul but your body and beauty. You can hold him in sway and he will chase you. He is your true lover who will make love to you with passion and with his heart in the right place.”

The princess felt a rush of hope and asked, “Where is he?”

“You shall find him. He is a commoner who has no arrogant display of wealth but a beautiful heart. You shall shed the garb of royalty and chase him among the maddening crowd, on the streets.”

The fairy God Mother disappeared like ashes, flung out of the window. The princess stood in front of the mirror, trying the grab the apple of love who slipped out of her hand. As she inched close to the intimate apple, it eluded her farther. The beautiful princess chucked out her gold ornament and rich clothes, wore a simple skirt, walked her way to an unknown different destination, faraway from the kingdom of riches to seek true love and intimacy, dragged her feet to the city filled to the brim.

With Love


This post is written as part of The Book Club Picture Writing Prompt. Follow the link for details and rush up for you have till February 5 to pour in entries.









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6 thoughts on “TBC Picture Prompt 1: In the quest for love

    1. Thank you so much, Inderpreet. Honestly, it was a new genre to me and early, my mind was veering between yes and no of attempting a story. I look forward to your feedback and do lemme know in a very honest way since I dabbled in such genre for the first time. I also thank you for being so encouraging whether it’s on Twitter or FB of my blog writing.

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