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Freedom and love has no price

Romantic Paris bleeding to death

A windy morning exuded blissful romance. Fragrance of flowers and perfumes wafted in the air during the cold afternoon in the world’s most romantic city. The Tour Eiffel buzzed with crowd, lazing around and enjoying the windy showers. The lovers looked into each other’s eyes and kissed passionately on the boulevard. Love is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts, they eyes told each other. It was the season of love in Paris. They stood in their knee-length wool coat warming their bodies as they held hands tight and plodded their feet, doing a lil dance teasing their innocent hearts.

Three gun men started firing on the crowd as they run towards their black car. The lovers fell on each other, their hearts pierced with bullets and people were running in all directions, shouting for help. The most romantic city in the world bled to death. The moment of truth for romantic Parisians who never shy away from showering love and tasting a slice of life. Perhaps, hatred is winning over love.


We don’t choose our religion at birth. Believers in God never kill innocent human beings. What happened in Paris shocked us as peaceful souls and, sometimes I wonder at the futility of the ‘whys.’ Resorting to violence in the name of God is, perhaps, the biggest crime on earth. It made me realize that freedom encapsulating our existence comes at a price. As human beings, we enter into this world crying and taught to shower love without prejudice. A baby smiles at a stranger, the innocent heart expressing affection at everything beautiful offered by the universe. This is the magic of human existence.

Killing innocent people doesn’t make you brave. You are a terrorist who is giving a bad name to the human race that believes in peace. Your vile actions is nurturing hatred and making life difficult for fellow human beings by dividing society into small shreds like the broken glass. Hatred only begets hatred. There is only one God which we choose to call by different names. The whole crap about believers against non-believers is non-sensical.

The only question that I ask: Is your religion so weak that a cartoon, film or criticism will make it crumble. All religions teaches love for humanity and taking guns to silence voices doesn’t make you brave. Accept this fact: You are a coward, taking young children as shields and storming in a news room to kill people that ‘offended’ you with satire. I have the right to offend you and you have every right to be offended and strike back. But, not with guns. You can make a film, alternate cartoons, organize debates to hit back at me.

Satire is meant to bring a harmless smile to someone’s face and make the heart content to break the monotony in one’s life. In the hum-drum of stress that we are subjected to by life, a serious argument or message is painted by funny illustrations. The commoners face so much stress in a day that pouring serious messages one after the other can only add burden to one’s existence. That’s where satire comes into play to make people mull over things in a light manner. One may or may not agree with the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ cartoon which hinges over religion which is a dangerous thing. # I Am Not Charlie. Why should I be?

Blasphemy is dangerous for some. It flares temper in a world where we are offended by every single thing, be it sex, religion, film or a book. But, I believe in my freedom as a free thinker and human being. I have the right to watch anything or laugh at every mundane and idiotic thing. It’s my right to free speech that I will defend till the end of my life.

Freedom comes at a price;

As a human being, I shall defend my right to free speech and your right to write on views I find offensive.
Life is a precious gift.
Killing is wrong for only the weak resort to blood shed.
Thou shall not kill.
I have the right to offend and you have every right to hit back with words.
The pen is mightier than the sword.
Why kill my soul and thought?
For every single voice you silence to death, thousands powerful voices will be heard.
Defending the right of every human being to air their views is what should matter the most to us as free thinkers. Free speech is a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution of every democracy worth its name. Whether it’s late MF Hussain, Charlie Hebdo, Salman Rushdie or movies like Oh! My God and PK, they have every right to pass value judgment be it on religion or any other matter. That doesn’t mean they are right or wrong. There are no rights or wrongs, some may concur. As a believer, I may take offense. But, to take the law in one’s hands to kill innocent people is something no sane person or freedom lover can and should condone in a free society. Some may argue that humans pay a price for their freedom which appears flimsy at times. Nothing can justify the crumpling of voices by a gun or assault.
Freedom of expression or speech is a right that eminent men and women relentlessly fought for so that we can breath free and our pen can write without prejudice. It’s high time that religion and faith-irrespective of our beliefs-should take a chill pill and retort with the ingenuity of their mind, hitting back at ‘slander’ or provocation. But, not at the cost of human lives or use of brutal force to kill.
Voices cannot be silenced;
Using religion as a lame excuse to kill innocent people,
is a sign of weakness;
It’s the stuff cowards are made of;
Only men and women lacking in character use force;
The war against terror can only be won by the ‘free’ thinkers, fearless in their quest for ‘Truth.’
No society can condone ruthless blood shed in the name of religion.
You may offend my faith. It’s your right to do so. It’s also your right to oppose my freedom on account that I am polluting the order of things and that I am a blot to universal moral laws. But, I shall not take your life and will defend your right to do so. I shall never support anyone who will take guns against you because you insulted my freedom as a thinker. I shall oppose you with the stroke of my pen.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

14 thoughts on “Freedom and love has no price

  1. you know it is good to be away from news/papers. I have not been reading newspaper since 1st jan and I hate to watch news because its impact is too deep for a weakling like me.

    Guess luckily i missed yet another butchering of innocents!

    1. Mam, if you will close your eyes it doesn’t mean danger ends. Please speak against all what you don’t like, change the things but don’t change yourself.. Please. World deserves more good people than all rascals who are ignorant.

  2. It was shameless that people are favoring the killers, worst that even in India, people from hyderabad has shown their support. I don’t know about charlie’s intention but came to know that they have done nothing new, they made cartoon of other believes as well but don’t know why always islam gets associated with terrorism, where are the loop holes and why peace keepers from religion of peace are silent… It was a shame

    1. I believe in every religion you have good and bad people people. Therefore, it would be wrong to blame just one religion for the wrong doing. As I said, I have the right to offend and you have the right to hit back but within the frame of peace. All religions have loopholes and many cases of people using them for their own benefit. Case in point: Sakshi Maharaj and Ghar Waapsi!

  3. I don’t feel the need to approve your blurred comment filled with hatred. For me a terrorist is a terrorist, whether it’s a Hindu, Muslim or Christian terrorist. No comment sparking hatred shall be entertained on my space.

  4. What happened in Paris can never be justified…
    But,is a peace march enough to counter the dastardly act? Lighting Naples won’t help either.
    Before world gets still worse,it’s time world powers United to fight such organisations/ individuals before they destroy the entire civility

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