Pitter patter rain, stormy wind and froggy night

Cold and starry night,

violent wind shaking trees and making a thumping noise.

Objects flying like saucepans as the cyclone hitting an octane level.

The house becoming cold all of a sudden,

one is curled on the bed, wrapped inside the blanket, enjoying a good read.

Outside, squeak by the frogs broke the eerie silence as I lie on bed.

Fascinated by the frog, the cute lil’ toddler starts singing,

Frog! Frog! Frog! Where are you, lil frog?’

Thunderous storm, balls of fire soothes the mind as rains wreck havoc,

rattling on the window sill.

Gulping a whisky to warm the body and reach a high,

the mind travels to faraway places, delighted in the thrill thrust by the cyclone.

Pitter-patter, thy heart sings along with tiny, little frog and stormy  weather.

Eyes closing, yearning for a soft, baby sleep




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