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The shy lil’ boy in school

Age of innocence dusted and buried in the era of childhood. Our worries as a child, the ‘shy’ us who would run away from everything instead of doing mischief in class, feeling like a pale version of ‘Harry Potter’ falling for the ‘Hermione’ who wouldn’t have time for us coz our lack of confidence, ‘ugly’ and uncool persona.

Once there was a boy in class who would stay far away from everyone who was loved to no end by the teacher’s stick in class. He was scared of everything, from teachers, banging of a door, someone shouting and leaves rattling on the window pane. He would tremble like leaves on trees when a stranger would approach him. He had hardly any friends in school who shunned him to death. After all, who is this sane boy or girl who would befriend a loser like him?

There was a teacher who loved him a lot and always give him cartoon books. He loved the teacher who took a liking to him despite never taught him any subject. The lovable teacher was a father figure to him. Dressed in his yellow shirt and blue short in school, he would stood in a corner in his school, waiting for the teacher who would walk towards him. The eight-year-old would never walk towards the teacher but hide his face, tiny body stuck to the wall, waiting for his ‘favorite’ cartoon book.

During the school anthem, a teacher walked to him and asked in English, “What are your subjects? You will score an A?” He was scared and could barely speak because there were so many students in his class standing in line and his teacher whom he is petrified of. He ducked his head down towards the soil to avoid the teacher’s gaze. His teacher prodded him to reply but he remained mute like a rock statue.

There was a football competition for fifth standard students. The school captain took the name of children to play and wanted to write his name since he somehow liked him as a friend, doesn’t matter he was ashamed to play with him. Another guy coaxed the captain to remove his name with a ‘please’ and the latter buckled under the pressure. The list was given to the school teacher who asked the school captain to retain his name on the list. He smiled shyly.

The boys run on the field, emulating the international football icons, applauded by the girls. The referee whistled the start of the match as the talented boys dribbled, curled passes and scored goals. He walked his way on the pitch, trying lame attempts to kick a ball or two, covering for the goal keeper but missed his steps. He was shouted at by his play mates and encouraged by his teachers. He stood still, waiting for the ball to score but was too confused. On that day, his idol would have been the ‘specky’ dude playing Shah Rukh Khan’s son in ‘Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna’.

Any prize for guessing who the boy was? This post found its way here after Ruchira’s post which opened the floodgate of memory. Hope you like it!

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18 thoughts on “The shy lil’ boy in school

  1. I loved the story, V

    Boy, your stories are so filmi that I dunno why aren’t you publsihing a book…cause aaj kal filmi ka world hein 🙂

    sharing it across!!

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