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100 Words on Saturday: The tea leaves told the story

This post is written as part of 100 Words on Saturday hosted by Write Tribe. It’s been after ages that I am writing on my favorite 100 Words and what a better way to kick-start 2015. Wishing all Write Tribers a year filled with words.



The tea leaves told the story

Write Tribe

It was a misty, winter morning.  Rolling the palm of my hands, the chai-walla pouring the tea leaves in the boiling milk. I lit a cigarette and after I was done, only one glass of tea remained. The moment I picked the tea glass, I was distracted by a feminine voice, “Bhaiya!!! Chai. I am feeling cold.” She was longing for that cup of tea. I offered to share the glass of tea. She smiled coyly, “Friends,” offering a tight hand shake. Little did I know that the tea leaves would make us fall heads over heels in love with each other.


Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

32 thoughts on “100 Words on Saturday: The tea leaves told the story

      1. Tanku. Happy New Year 15 and hope this year unfurls magic in your life. Need to hop on ur post..saw it this mnin. Do add me on FB, beautiful lady:)

  1. ROMANTICCCCCCCCCCCCcc vishal .. beautiful .. a huge story told in so less words ..
    over a cup of tea..

    this also reminded me of “DUDH-PATTI” 🙂 tea leaves in milk.. thats all we had in college times ..

    1. Hi thanks a lot. Chai means tea and the chai wallah is the tea vendor that sprouts in every nook and corner of in the tea stalls…in Hindi.
      Thanks for visiting and will hop on ur space soon:)

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