100 Words on Saturday: The tea leaves told the story

This post is written as part of 100 Words on Saturday hosted by Write Tribe. It’s been after ages that I am writing on my favorite 100 Words and what a better way to kick-start 2015. Wishing all Write Tribers a year filled with words.



The tea leaves told the story

Write Tribe

It was a misty, winter morning.  Rolling the palm of my hands, the chai-walla pouring the tea leaves in the boiling milk. I lit a cigarette and after I was done, only one glass of tea remained. The moment I picked the tea glass, I was distracted by a feminine voice, “Bhaiya!!! Chai. I am feeling cold.” She was longing for that cup of tea. I offered to share the glass of tea. She smiled coyly, “Friends,” offering a tight hand shake. Little did I know that the tea leaves would make us fall heads over heels in love with each other.


  1. ROMANTICCCCCCCCCCCCcc vishal .. beautiful .. a huge story told in so less words ..
    over a cup of tea..

    this also reminded me of “DUDH-PATTI”🙂 tea leaves in milk.. thats all we had in college times ..

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