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Who ‘killed’ and why Sunanda Pushkar?

“Justice delayed is justice denied.”

It’s been almost a year when Sunanda Pushkar, wife of former Congress Minister Shashi Tharoor was found dead in her hotel room. Earlier police reports confirmed the death of Ms Pushkar to poisoning and today, in a shocking twist in the tale, it is alleged that she was murdered.

Image credit: Sunanda Pushkar-Google India/Times of India


I am no forensic expert nor I have a legal background to write at length on the nitty-gritty of the investigation of Sunanda Pushkar’s alleged murder. As a commoner like many, I am tempted to ask how a high-profile woman checking in a five-star hotel in Delhi was ‘allegedly murdered’ in her room. Let’s assume she was murdered by unknown people. The first question I am tempted to ask is whether there will be any form of closure in this case which bears an uncanny similarity to the death of the young and innocent child, Arushi Talwar. For sure, little Arushi’s parents were sentenced for killing their daughter. But, do we know for sure? Not to mention the kind of mudslinging and character assassination against the child. History has already repeated itself with the kind of scathing attacks not sparing the memory of Sunanda Pushkar.

The real question is what is the motive behind the ‘alleged murder’ of Pushkar before we ask why did they kill her? Political, business or something else. At first sight, it seems to be a very complicated case, murder or something else. May be, we shall never know the secret behind the death of Sunanda Pushkar. Did she knew too much?, as some are alleging. Here also, we should tread cautiously because this argument may lead to mudslinging against her husband, Dr Shashi Tharoor. One shouldn’t make it a political vendetta because Dr Tharoor is on the other side of the fence. A tale of power games, uncalled allegations and insults traded on account of politics is the last thing which is needed in the case. What matters is one shouldn’t insult the memory of the lady or make allegations against her ‘husband’? Enough damage has already been done. Alternately, I feel Dr Tharoor must be willing to cooperate with the cops. This doesn’t make him a culprit, of course and, at present, nothing says that he played a part in her death. Honestly, I feel Dr Tharoor will be vindicated which is unfair.

For sure, the truth needs to come out. But, not at the case of making an ‘innocent man’ guilty because of his political leanings and we must refrain from making allegations, unless supported by hardcore evidence. Moving beyond allegations of four men staying in the same hotel with false passports or someone forcing the poison inside her mouth, there is a dire need to unravel the mystery to find the truth.

It’s been a year since Sunanda Pushkar died in mysterious conditions. Assuming that it’s premeditated murder, what is the motive behind her death? Who benefits from the death of Ms Pushkar? Is it a tale of botched up inquiry by the cops? These are some questions that must be answered at the earliest. Has Sunanda Pushkar carried secrets in her grave? Will Shashi Tharoor be made a victim because of ugly politics for ‘some people’ to settle scores. In case this happens, it will be a gross miscarriage of justice. What matters is that the memory of Sunanda Pushkar should be respected? How? By not throwing dirt on a dead person or digging into her personal life. Since her marriage to Tharoor, she was a woman subjected to all kind of unfair and vile attacks from all quarters. It was disgusting, to say the least.

One can only nurture hope that finally something concrete will come out after almost a year with Delhi police saying that Sunanda Pushkar was murdered. Truth without any bias or prejudice to anyone. We owe it to Sunanda Pushkar, her children, husband and people close to her.  Assume Polonium 210 was administered, it remains a dangerous matter where one is tempted to ask on the whys. Certainly, it’s a shocking revelation by the Delhi police. One can only ‘hope’ that the case is thoroughly investigated unlike the ‘botched up’ closure of the case. Will we ever find the truth? Makes me wonder on the closure and perhaps, we will have to wait for a very long time. Let’s pray that the memory of Sunanda Pushkar is honored.

At the time Sunanda Pushkar died, I wrote a post which you can check here.



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9 thoughts on “Who ‘killed’ and why Sunanda Pushkar?

  1. Sad that a gutsy n accomplished woman like Ms.Pushkar had to suffer this fate.
    Hope her murderer is nabbed soon & she gets justice.
    I agree with your points here, Vishal.

    1. A gross miscarriage of justice, Bikramjit. Sunanda-ji was a gutsy woman whose lived her life on her own. There was no pretense but honesty. I admire such people.Hope justice is done and her memory honored.

      1. Not just in India but in the world. We had the famous Enrol Scandal in US where attempts were made to hush the fraud. Money is the biggest evil in super powers.

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