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My Seven wonders ‘social media’ moments

Once upon a time, there was a luxury called IRC chat attracting like magnets starved adolescents to the cyber cafe down the ‘galli’ (Alley). There ‘was’ yahoo mail. A lucky adolescent, you gotta be lucky to sneak beyond your parents preening eyes at home to steal moments logging on and off, jamming your phone lines. Setting an e-mail and dying to receive something at wiring speed was joy unplugged tasting like mint chocolate. Social media aka networking was a luxury and an ‘alien’ that entered our lives much later. Saving our ‘measly’pocket money to chat in the cyber cafe for 30 precious minutes, till the dying seconds like a fielder to win a match.

Enter 2000! Hi 5 came to rule our hearts for a short stint like a passing flingy affair! The domesticated and now history ‘Orkut’ which is in ‘RIP’ stage was the first domesticated love. A tiny, geeky fellow called Marc Zuckerberg came to rule our lives. No prize for guessing! We became tweeple, linkedin Gurus and bloggers. A candid confession: It was in 2006 during the final year when friend in college gave me her blog link in a paper scrap which left me wondering on the cool and zany way of rocket science on the web. See! I ain’t no techno savvy and pardon my illiteracy when it comes to the web and world of computers.

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Chillax! I ain’t scaring your wit with my social media horror story. The digital world worked wonders in my life as I hark back to the not-so-old 730 days of life that brought me exposure and visibility. This post should have been christened, ‘How social media added spice to my life?’ Sounds boring!!! Let’s get a bit mechanical. There is no harm getting stuck in the routine of life. Pardon, this uninteresting language coz I have ‘successfully failed’ to get the mojo to make this post a jewel.

It started way back with the ‘blogger me’ in 2013 reading super talented tribe members that increased my viewing from a paltry 10 to 12 in a day to reach an average of 3,000 monthly. Write Tribe gave me a big push in the ass. One thing led to the other: A to Z challenge, Ultimate Blogging challenge in 2014 and, of course, Blog Adda’s WoW made the blog quite visible. I must have made it to 15 WoW posts by now. Sharing blog links on the biggest saviors on earth, FB, Twitter and G+ was alien to me. Till it happened! That’s the true super power. Move over the superman, spiderman and Krissh!!! Idhar chala mein Udhar Chala!!!

I whine a lot about places like Facebook that push me into a depressing mode from time-to-time and even went to the extent of de-activating the account for weeks and months. Ahem! Ahem! There is no denying that places like FB and Twitter got me the high points in life and ‘celebrity’ kinda temporary status in what were the rough years. Two years that got me publishing e-novellas on both blogs.

Some freelance work landed in my spicy platter of ‘food’ that taste better every single day. Social media platform provided me with such an amazing opportunity to publish and boast about my work. Like they say, we are all a product and depends how we sell the ‘package’. I got two freelance assignments via Facebook. Yeah! I ain’t kidding and you gotta trust me on that. The year 2014 was the time I ventured in an arena I feared the most, doing book reviews. Once again, courtesy Write Tribe, went along with the fun of reviewing Shuchi Singh Kalra’s Done with Men and a couple of Sundari Venkatraman books as well as many more. Toggled with blog interview of popular authors such as Shuchi, Kiran Manral and Ruchita Misra. It was the true moment of life.

Slow and steady on social media, it brought me some kinda lil stride where quite a few book authors have contacted me to do their reviews. I am not being pompous. Far from that, the authors who were kind enough to give me their book for reviews plays a catalyst part for me to get lil bit of social recognition to take my career further. Years down the line, I would refuse to believe in the super power of social media on how it can make careers by publishing for free. I take a bow to that. What an idea, Sirjee! Any argument on that!! You can be a publishing author for free by using social media but mind you, it depends how you do it.

Doffing my hat to the role the lover played in my life. Don’t we all love social networking? It returns the love with equal passion. I was pondering on a ‘boring’ post on the highs of 2014 but it’s a year I’ve left behind. In short, the high tide been guest posts for bloggers, welcoming our online friends on ‘scripting the story of life’, book reviews, authors’ interviews, couple of short stories loved, freelancing, my interview on Sugandha blog, political satire, Mumbai Musing and great many friendships carved. The social media journey made memorable as I get to read super, talented good people who makes me learn a new thing every day.

My 2014 in review. Wait did I repeated the year that’s now flown in ash and dust!!! Let’s not repeat that again. What’s your social media journey and your ‘Taj Mahal’ moments! It’s my seven wonders spelled out.





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22 thoughts on “My Seven wonders ‘social media’ moments

      1. Although I don’t count blogging as Social Media, posted my first blog post in August 2004. I still have that post on the original place

  1. Boy you brought back the memories of early days of surfing, when we had to go to cybercafes! I used to spend hours every sunday in cafe, chatting 🙂

    Thank God we can do more sitting at home at present.

    1. Me too!! Weekends and after schools, even college days was spent doing that. I remember creating my first yahoo mail in 1996 on my budday. I remember playing FIFA Games in cyber cafe in 2006, last year of college, spending loads of ten bucks. What memories.
      Now, we can afford this luxury of surfing at home:)

      1. not only luxury, safety too, when you are using someone else’s computer to surf, he or she can play invisible tricks, like one of my offices did. They literally stored everything I did, and later after checking (thoroughly reading and tampering????) they uploaded it in server.

        Whereas I lived in the fool’s paradise that I have sent my email/posted my post etc.

      2. Safety matters a lot. Agree! We gotta be cautious using the office PC coz one cannot kno who can usurp your identity. Gosh!! That must be bad but in a way, lesson learned.

      3. I guessed it quite late, after that i became cautious, now end users like us are not aware of such things, or their existence, we only stumble upon them by chance.

        the worst part is if someone bugs your email account the thread stays with them, no matter how many computers you change. one by one all those accounts were compromised and lost.

    1. Hey, thanks for comments. The lil things I’ve learned is that never shy away from taking part in prompts, check
      Do comment on blogs and looking at ur blog, you have comments on the good work you doing. Share on FB/Twitter?G+ and also start a page. Trust me, it helps.
      Cheerz N keep writing:)

    1. Thank you Sir. It such a wonderful and aha moment. You are a veteran at blogging and your posts are always amazing, backed with such insight. I will visit soon:)
      Happy New Year to you and family:)

  2. well mine was Orkut to start with , then came others facebook, blogging etc etc but now i have deleted all except my blog.. and I have met some lovely human beings like you vishal , thanks to blogging

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