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Happy New Year 2015: Re-born Again

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Slowly close eye lids, taking a deep breath and mind verges to magical hues of life,

I am transported into the layers of dreams.

Tinkling of bells, snowy flakes and angels sprinkling touch of love, emotional warmth and magic.

A page is turned, leaving behind past laurels and darkness.

Holding the light in the hand, soaring to reach new heights to reach the destination filled with adventure.

Making new memories, enjoying every ounce in existence,

scripting a new chapter in life to make memorable moments in life.

As we leave behind the dry leaves, soaking our feet in the icy oceans, taste bud and swirling the wine in the tongue.

Gushing over the fresh skyline and sunset,

breezy wind flutters the gentle skin like a new born cooing inside the innocent heart.

Reborn again to embrace the world and never shy to taste victory and tripping, to get up again.

Happy New Year.

Hey folks, wish you a very happy New Year 2015. A fresh beginning, perspective and a new day as we bid farewell to the year that was. Let’s not look back and crib over past disappointments but chase our dreams, enjoying the ice cream scoop before it melts. I choose not to lurk back at the past but learn the lessons that made me fall, learning from it as I pick up the missing threads. Success and high points, I choose to disconnect and move on to embrace this new season with renewed vigor and energy. I shall go with the flow and cease exert the brain, sitting for too long on things that may not work. A flow of positive energy and optimism will be the motto of this season.

I have become a non-resolution person for the simple reason that it doesn’t work with me. There shall be no plans to finish the book I’ve been writing, exploring new career avenues or making this short film coz this is broken record stuck somewhere. My life has always been full of unplanned challenges and this year, it shall be the mantra. Looking for a brand and promising year, not shying away to do the daring act and exploring challenges.

Whisky bottle is waiting for me. Yay!! Got myself a vintage five-year-old Ballantine cuddled in an attractive Blue cask which I choose this time over the Johnny Walker Red Label. I am a child inside and happy being myself-nah! I shall not change myself to fit in society. Better be an out caste than a people pleasure.

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A word of gratitude to my blogger and online friends. It’s been an emotional journey. Mates! When I was brow-beaten, I am surrounded by your positive energy and abundance of love showered that it heals the mind and soul. I wonder what I’d do without you guys and gals. When you write such beautiful posts, replying to comments or posting pics on FB with your family and children, it warms the heart and send good vibes that shows me the light. It’s been awesome to connect with so many of you whom I have never met and the journey been a roller-coaster ride. I am looking to make the bond stronger this season, renew old friendship and make new ones.

Happy New Year

Wish you all plenty of love, success, health and fulfillment of dreams coz you deserve nothing less than the best.

With Love






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015: Re-born Again

  1. I like your positive attitude toward the new year. While it’s good to look back and see what we’ve messed up, it’s even better to take what we’ve learned and do things better in the future rather than dwelling on those mis-steps. I hope your new year is off to a happy start!

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