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Review PK: High voltage entertainment value

Review: PK

Producer: Vidhu Vinod Chopra/Raj Kumar Hirani/Siddharth Roy Kapur

Director: Raju Hirani

Cast: Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Saurabh Shukla and Sanjay Dutt

Rating: Three and a half star

A Raju Hirani film is waited with bated breath at the box after delivering master pieces like Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munna Bhai and 3 Idiots. A tale of Mr Perfectionist, Amir Khan, teaming with the ace director is synonym of magic on screen, fireworks on display that guarantees not only stupendous box office collection but also high voltage entertainment value. Someone like Hirani, whose signature style has the touch of Hrishikesh Mukherjee meeting Manmohan Desai, brings a certain sensitive edge to the stories told and underlying, a strong message. It has always been Hirani’s trademark to touch a sensitive chord with the audience.

PK holds you in splits by taking a not-so-run-out-of-the-mill story premise about God, religion, alien and human identity. It’s a theme cine-goers were attuned to, in the realistic comedy, Oh! My God. For sure, PK is not OMG, though some will find an uncanny resemblance to the plot. Raju Hirani gently broaches the essence of human identity and how the wrongs are perpetuated by self-acclaimed men of God. It’s very topical when scandals of the likes of Asaram Bapu rocked the nation and credit goes to the director when his alien, PK seeks his identity on an earth, afflicted by religious bigotry.

At one glance: PK is a feel-good movie that holds the audience in splits, sending a social message in a light manner and its undertone forces the commoners to think about the wrongs. But, PK doesn’t reach the mastery level of Raju Hirani’s former outings. In short, the movie lacks the Hirani’s magical touch at times, especially in the first half.

Clean cut editing that makes the whole cinematic experience of watching PK magical, intelligent wit enshrined in the dialogues and brilliantly executed scenes, crisp screenplay and flawless cinematography cum photography makes this Raju Hirani’s flick a top notch offering. It’s entertainment in full swing, boosted by the superb performances, right from Aamir Khan to Anuska Sharma and Sanjay Dutt. The screenplay and narrative brings to the fore a unique quality in film-making that engrosses the viewers.

It’s no secret that Aamir Khan lives his on-screen characters in real life and it shows from A to Z in PK where you feel that you are interacting with a real alien. His body language, eye expression and the ‘creaturish’ look will hook you to the actor’s performance who carry the movie entirely on his shoulders.

The icing on the cake is his Bhojpuri accent and pan-chewing habit that makes it a hilarious affair, though it couldn’t stop me from comparing his act with Amitabh Bachchan in Don. An award-winning performance.

Anushka Sharma as TV reporter, Jaggu, brings life to her spontaneous portrayal, which she takes from her character in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, to showcase her joie-de-vivre. She holds her forte against Amir Khan with dexterity. She is a stayer who never stops to surprise you with her natural performances. Another award in the making for her. She looks super cute in her brand new short cut hair style, that sits on her perfectly.


It’s endearing to see Sanjay Dutt (Bhairav Singh) in a cameo where he performs in an effortless manner. The guy doesn’t need long screen presence to showcase his mettle as an actor and shines in the few scenes. Of course, the song pictured on him is sheer delight. Saurabh Shukla as the God man performs competently. Sushant Singh Rajput (Sarfaraz) as the Pakistani lover in a miss-and-blink appearance manages to leave a mark. Sadly so, an actor of the caliber of Boman Irani seems wasted.

PK has several memorable scenes to its credit that makes the perfect cut, one would want to watch all over again.

1. The grand entry of PK in the desert, donning his own trade mark and gushing at the world filled with clothes and moving cars.

2. PK and Jaggu doing a jig to removed the sadness from the latter’s life. A priceless moment in the film.

3. The scenes leading to the climax are powerfully executed, the face off on religion between PK and Saurabh Shukla on national TV, emotional moments between the former and Jaggu as he bids a tearing adieu. A heart-wrenching moment that leaves a strong impact on the audience. Another poignant scene is PK’s emotional act looking for God among statues but can’t find it in a place where men and women are dividing them like apples in form of various religious beliefs. Certainly, one of the best scenes in the movie.

4. The bomb blast had a lasting impact and came as least expected to express the follies of a crazy lot. A poignant scene where PK picks the shoes of his first friend, Bhairav Singh, touches the soul. What a performance by Aamir Khan and master execution by Raju Hirani.

As I said, PK is not a master-piece that Hirani’s earlier works boasted of. During the first half, the film lacks the spark of Hirani, at times and some scenes tend to drag unnecessarily. The monotone sets in the narrative where PK constantly looks for God in church, mosque and temple. The music should have been the forte of the movie and, unlike, Hirani’s earlier ventures, the compositions lack the soul-tapping moments that would be remembered for long, except for one or two numbers.

Raju Hirani is a master story-teller and weaves a beautiful story about our equation and identity with religion-cum-God. He keeps us engrossed throughout the film that the masses would lap, raising interesting questions in the cackle of laughter that follows. PK must do stupendous business at the box office for its sheer quality at a time when all kind of nonsense are churned out in the name of entertainment. Wait!!!! Make sure, you let the end credit roll coz there is a delightful surprise for you. Also, the kissing scene between Sushant and Anushka has been deftly pictured, a first in a Hirani film. Speak about changing times. It’s cutely done.

In short: Make sure you don’t miss this brilliantly executed movie that will leave an imprint in your mind and you would want to watch a second time, despite the minor glitches.

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16 thoughts on “Review PK: High voltage entertainment value

  1. I enjoyed OMG… mainly for Paresh Rawal.
    I’m curious about PK – let me watch it and then see if I agree or disagree with your review! 😀

  2. I loved PK, Vishal 🙂 Such a cute & touching & true movie!
    Nice review. I give it a higher rating!
    Not yet written my review 🙂 Will be sharing my views!

    1. It’s an enjoyable flick that pushes us to think in a light hearted manner. I am looking up to your review and we all have our way of appreciating. I guess that I was comparing it to Raju Hirani’s earlier ventures, Anita:)

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