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Part 2: The rebel and his muse, they met and fell in love

Hey folks,

Sometimes back, I came with an imaginative fiction for  #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda. I didn’t know it would be so well-received and this sequel to the fiction was unplanned. When I thought I was done, Shalzz urged me to continue the story. Hats off to Shalzz for giving me inputs to continue this story. So, on popular demand, ‘A rebel stomped’ (check the link for earlier post) part two find its way below as a sequel. Many thanks to Shalzz and everyone asking for part 2:


The song kept playing repeatedly at the back of my mind throughout the day. I was sitting at Barista, smoking like a chimney and gulping mugs of Latte, for no reason finding myself humming the same lines all over again, , ‘Jise Tu Na Mila Usse Kuch Na Mila.’ I am feeling restless for some unknown reasons, bunking lectures and loitering on the streets of Mumbai, traveling in the local from one end of the city to another. I feel like a nomad in a city that doesn’t bat an eyelid to move at crazy speed.

Things are not really working between me and Radhika. The fights take ugly turn, breaking up, coming together and resuming into accusations mode. Finally, we decided to give each other space and call it quit for some time. Deep within, I knew the reason for my restlessness was not Radhika. I reached home late after hopping on at Gokul in Colaba for some cheap booze and the spirited me lay on the bedroom, mulling on my ever-changing mood swing.

It’s past midnight. I am turning around and tossing on the bed, kicking my legs in frustration for staying awake. After fighting sleep, I concede defeat and got up to light a cigarette. I switch on the lap top and saw a friend request from Nikita. Now, this name tells me something and wondering where I’ve seen her. I glean through her profile picture and stumbled upon her old pictures. Oh! Lord!!! It’s Pujari Sir’s daughter who left her boy friend’s razor as a parting gift before leaving for United States. I almost fell down off the chair, laughing my lungs out. I just can’t believe that I forgot my passing crush on her and she adding me on Facebook after three years is crazy stuff. I added her back but didn’t pinge her.

Two Days Later:

I sit at Barista, reading some notes, in between, putting status update on Facebook, the laptop by my side. The chat icon flashes red and bang, Nikita’s sends a Hi with a smiley icon. “So tell me, what you’ve been up to? So mean!!! You didn’t even drop a Hi. Didn’t miss me, kya?”

I am at a loss of words, not knowing what to reply and send, “By the way, I am clean shaven nowadays. You stomped the rebel.” We got talking to each other, our lives, and finally she reveals that she has just shifted to Mumbai. Do I have reason to be happy? After all, I am experiencing mixed feeling, stoic about our respective lives and quite objective. I am happy in my own life, no jubilant feeling about Nikita being in the same city as me.

We got the chat going on before she asks, “So, seeing someone?” I reply in affirmative, venting out everything about my relationship with Radhika and how unhappy I am in the relationship. She shoots back, “Still, you carry on with the relationship. May be, you are insecure and the feeling of being rejected. Speak about male ego, I know a thing or two about it.”

What a second blow after her priceless gift, the Gillette razor! The rebel is stomped for the second time in less than three years. May be, behind the sweet face lies a Nikita who keep ‘chilli’ in her mouth that she spills at me. I didn’t reply to her message. The next day, I messaged her: “Are you dating someone?” She replies within second I typed, “Haha! What a nice way to check me out to ensure that I am not taken. Wah! I just broke up.” Deep within, I am celebrating a victory.

In no time, we became so close to each other, constantly chatting till the wee hours, past midnight, sending silly and naughty forwards. I feel of being caught between two woman, dating Radhika and flirting with Nikita on sms, whatsapp and Facebook. Nikita calls one night and asks that it’s time to meet and sort out stuffs. “See! I will not hide my feeling. I am attracted to you and need to know about your equation with Radhika.”

I stammer before saying, “Nikita! Babe! You know about things brewing between us. At the other end, there is Radhika with whom I am unhappy. I long for your chat and voice. But, then, I don’t know how to break up with her since I don’t want to hurt her feeling.”

She breathes with ‘hmm’. “See, you will hurt her more when she comes to realize about things between us. It’s cowardice to leave someone in the lurch. I suggest, you tell her the truth, no matter how it feels. I believe there is no more point staying in a relationship if both of you are unhappy. Come on, own it up.”

I listen attentively to her. “Ok! I am hanging up. Tomorrow evening, Bandra Bandstand.”

I decided that I will tell the truth to Radhika. I dialled her number when I receive a call from an unknown number. “Hi,” a tensed female voice almost shouted. “Radhika here! We need to speak urgent, tomorrow at 10 p.m.” I said, ok and hanged. O! Fuck! I wonder, “How am I going to do that. Tomorrow, evening on a date with two woman. Certainly, I am not two-timing.

The Barista shop at Bandra, Bandstand was teeming with activity. Nikita, wearing Blue demins and a white blouse was waiting, caressing her jet black hair and smiled when she saw me walking to her. I kissed her on her cheek and tendered the red rose in her hand. “So sweet,” she said with composure. We spoke as if we were long-lost lovers in the paradise of love. We took a walk, our fingers tweaked into each other, past Mannat and sat on the rocks by the sea.

She smiled, “I always wanted to sit with someone here. Didn’t know it would be with you.” I sheepishly smiled when she bends to kiss me on the lips. We held each other close in a tight embrace, running down my fingers on her curly hair and she moves an inch closer to me. I kissed her on the neck and our body were held tight to each other. We engulfed in passionate intimacy, oblivious of the preening eyes on us. It was the best day of our lives.

After dropping her to the station, I run to catch the train and met Radhika at Infinity Mall. She was waiting and we settled at Subway after saying hi, exchanging cold vibes. “See! Karan! I won’t be long. I mean, I don’t know how to say it but it’s not working between us. I feel it’s better that we say quits in a friendly manner since I don’t want any hard feeling between us. To be bluntly honest, I found someone else. I am sorry…..”

I cut her off and jumped with excitement which made confused her. “…wow!! you breaking up with me. I was going to call you since I am going steady with Nikita.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

She looked straight into my eyes with irritation and smiled after recovering. “I guess, it settle things. Chalo! All the best.” We hugged before walking into different directions.

Two weeks later, Nikita shifted in my apartment at Andheri. The same evening, we were cuddling, playing footsie when she gave me a gentle slap. “You such a rogue bastard. How happy you were when Radhika did all the hard work of breaking up, saving you the tension and heart beat of taking the rough terrain.”

We cuddled and kissed passionately that night. Faraway from our intimacy, the bottle of wine waited for us. The world is celebrating Christmas and we made love, forgetting the expensive Wine bottle. Santa Claus came earlier in our lives.

With Love






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

8 thoughts on “Part 2: The rebel and his muse, they met and fell in love

  1. Wow!! What a beautiful story! Loved it, Vishal! You have a story-teller in you! I can see you coming up with a novel soon 🙂 Cheers, and thanks a ton for mentioning me! You didn’t have to do that 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Shalzz for liking the story so much. Thanks for motivating me to weave a novel..will take quite some time..hehe though I’ve penned novellas on

      C’mon, you are the inspiration behind this post:)

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