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Black Day for humanity and innocence

Hatred has no face or religion.

When will the world of hatred ever understand?

There is no place for terrorism, bloodshed and massacre of innocent children.

Small children in the flower of age taken as shield by vile terrorists,

lives drenched in blood and splattered on the ground.

Black December!

No world can condone the ruthless murder of children, the gift of humanity and God.

Who has the heart to mercilessly kill small and innocent souls?

Has your blood stained hand not trembled once?

Heartless and vile humans touching small and innocent children must be wiped off from earth.

Are you made of stone?

In the name of religion!

Nobody teaches hate in this world,

only spineless bastards do that.

How can you even think of hurting innocent lives like that?

Humanity is dead.

The heart is crying out at the sight of such dastard and cowardice act.

The cries of tender lives, drenched in blood and fighting between life-and-death.

Light coffins are carried in a temple of wisdom, our schools,

yet, a heavy burden for parents and humanity to carry till the end of life.

A child’s twinkling eyes full of hope in the world, thrust its fingers longing for love and

guidance by adults to embrace the world.

Today, we have failed the child.

Hang our heads in shame.

Cry the world! It’s a Black Day for humanity.

We have killed innocence, dreams and hope.

A sad day for humanity.

The heart is crying for innocent children,

we shall not be able to carry this burden on December 16, 2014.

This post is dedicated to the innocent children who were brutally murdered by zealots and cowardice terrorists in Peshawar, Pakistan







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14 thoughts on “Black Day for humanity and innocence

  1. I have managed to stay sheltered from the news for some time and didn’t hear about this. In a decent world, children would be safe. I certainly don’t understand terrorism or the killing in the name of any religion. I would like to think many more shared your compassion rather than support of this activity. Yeah, I’m going to choose to believe that!

  2. Religion is doing more bad than good. There are days when I feel we should all go back to Humanity. That would be true Ghar Wapasi.

    1. It’s painful when religion wrecks havoc over reason and take lives. I agree with you: Humanity is lost. I’ve decided not to follow any religion and if it means hatred, I find no identification with such blind beliefs.
      Thanks for coming, Alka:)

  3. It is the height of madness to kill innocent children in the name of religion. No religion teaches such atrocities. My heart goes out to those parents who have lost every thing.

    1. So true, Ma’am. I couldn’t realize what was happening to the children and their parents. It’s sad how coward people give a different meaning to religion by wrecking atrocities on people.

  4. I agree no religion teaches hatred and still all happens in the name of religion.
    The poem was appropriate now only wish if things could turn for the better for mankind!

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