As we remember Mumbai 26/11

Today is 26/11.

Hearts were torn as a city, a country bled to death.

It’s been six years when the foundation of a city, Mumbai was terribly shaken.

A city, on whose resilience we took pride in, was brought to a halt.

Is the Spirit of Mumbai still intact?

26 11

A grim reminder how life can be so cheap!

Lifeless bodies lying  still in pool of blood, gun shots blasted as merciless killers roamed free in the city.

The ghosts of the past still haunt us,

as we look back, standing powerless at terrorism unfurling itself.

Our city bled to death.

A date that we shall never be able to obliterate from our existence.

Wounds may never heal, perhaps.

The anguish, angst and pain felt at such heinous attack still reverberates in our human mind and soul.

As we remember the innocent victims and soldiers who laid their lives for their city and country,

we shall always ask why Mumbai was insecure and may still be.

Yet, Mumbai and its citizens won the war against the cowards.

Vast sea of human masses-simplest men and women-became one force to conquer war of hatred with love.

We shall never forget.

Remembering 26/11, Mumbai.







  1. You know Mumbai is one of my favourite places I have visited. My heart goes out to everyone who was there at the time, and condolences to relatives of those who died.

    Mumbai and its citizens earned their place in my heart. The police officer who helped me at the airport, the taxi driver who accepted the last of my rupees because that was all I had, and the people we met day to day. Beautiful city, I trust Mumbai to recover.

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