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Guest Post: Thinking Out Loud

Ok! A candid confession: I’m bad at introducing someone still I’ll make an effort. One of my favorites writers, a dentist by profession, scorpio girl with the amazing good looks and a superbly awesome poet who can steal your heart with thunder. How does one introduce, Jensy George? A great friend who, today, graces, my blog is someone whose writing I am totally fida over. Yeah, she got amazingly good looks and curly hair with million dollar smile. A brainy girl for whom her profession is service to mankind which she selflessly does. Hey! We need more Doctors like her.

Jensy George & the world of KiKiBee


Sweet person and thinker. Ok! Jensy or KiKibee is my guest blogger. When I approached her, she said yes, despite her busy and hectic schedule. Scroll down! Your mind will be blown by the amazing post, she wrote just for me. Tell you a secret! Okie! I won’t coz I am blushing right now. See, my expression on the mirror. You bet. Over to Doc KiKibee.

Don’t forget to give the amazing Doc a shout on Jensy George

Yeah! She’s the girl with the scorpion tattoo and remember, she became a butterfly. Next time, you get a tooth ache, you know where to go! The dentist reciting a poem for the soul.


Welcome to Thinking Out Loud

By Jensy George

2014 almost coming to end, what have you achieved in this year?


Or ignorance?


Nothing I’ve achieved stops me from what I practically think daily like every minute. Yes- You can call me a pressure cooker cause I’m on one right now about to burst!

When you know you can do it and still revolve around the pros and cons of things that’s bothering you- “oh, you’re improving” still life remains same only prolonging your brain wave. Nothing changes. You’re still in the same place only life around you transforming.

Welcome to world of Procrastination!

The unbridled freedom is a disaster at least for me—doing nothing, ever, for any reason. The one exception was that I had to attend college day by day and the constant reminder of future a torture in bed of dreams. This had reached to an umpteen level of grief, head gone numb and curled up against my will not knowing what next. The trouble is to stick around with a plan and set it into motion. While the plan gets rotten in awhile forgotten and later for the sake of whatever, end up doing it right. SO if we are all borne with procrastination and has these boundless talents hidden in our potential feathers, what if this big lame word wasn’t there! If laziness wasn’t built up in our bones and all of us wrapped up in glorious moments. Splendid! isn’t it?

Brooding with many books to read and learn, tomorrow is a better day right? Here I’m back from my hibernation just to knock all of Vishal viewers and check my insight on Pro-crastination! Hallujiah! It’s a big word but has only one meaning. Immense laziness of keeping it ‘tomorrow’ what can be finished today. And THAT purely makes me the BOSS of lazy bones…applause!

Wikipedia comes up with a funny touch of the word; Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the “last minute” before the deadline.

All this was a long time ago, when I joined my first year and I didn’t know why I chose dentistry and after final year, it’s better than nothing. Being an intern and all those vivacious days coming to an end and now what next? Back to square one in short. If greatest people could achieve day and night, why not us? Hmm… Big thoughts… and there a full stop… again what, next thoughts brooding even higher! Ughh… can’t happy endings be shown. Anticipating, breaking the stress breakers, ahh this isn’t happening.. looking around how can people come up with solutions and you’re still stuck up with questions. No I can’t find my answer in question. Rolling left right and upside on floor doesn’t give any key or turning pages of a romantic fiction doesn’t give answers only a hope of fairytale which shatters in million pieces. Thinking too much, I’d say DANGEROUS! It’s like mind has a life of its own with so many positive and negativity vibes and if you’re in a situation like this one, Oh you’re bound to have negativity than good vibes.

The waiter is serving as usual your hot tasty coffee was bound to shake off your winter lethargy. One that’d take away your all-possible blues with warmth and calm. Just when you thought all was possible there comes a beginning to tear off those strands that’s annoying your nose. Why is it so humid? Why isn’t it winter in Mangalore? Ahh it never was. It ‘s just November and December. Yeah… BUT  What after that? What would you do when all around you move ahead and you’re stuck in there? What if I’m born with no life? May be I’m destined to be a free man! When all are set to move, I propagate in twists and turns and yet won’t find what I’m looking for!

Once again, the thought hangs around, buoyant at the depths of my mind, when I really needed not to think about what I cannot have… I’m lost in the weeds relaxing at my comfort zone, Hogging peace, like a constant reminder of a wish unfulfilled. A craving unsatisfied! Summer-harassed, chunks of fat unburned swinging like an elephant. An overheated mind, un-caffeinated, bringing thoughts frustrating of what can be done or solutions that can be answered. Is that Procrastination? Nothing like when you’ve sudden involuntary inclinations, unpremeditated, and instinctual urges to paint, write, read or blog… anything can be done other than what you should be doing completing your homework. Reality check.

How about I say somebody should bring a gadget on strategically thinking too? Contemplating on your reasoning, tactful about important stuff and intently performing the above task is different form of procrastination. How about a device to balance both reasoning and actions- a device that can trigger your moods from the fluctuating low springs and engage in high tide at all times?


Think about it.

By the way, a shout out to Procrastinators including me, BREATHE!

Oh yes, I’ve done that, ENOUGH of (reminders and Post it) nothing worked out but I know I can do it at the right time. Ping me when there is a device on strategically thinking or a booster dose or a miracle that can change lives!! Sigh… I rest in peace.

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