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Guest Post: Soumya Vilekar…read on

As you all know, I am on a blog break in November. It’s a Guest post and I welcome a dear friend of mine, Soumya Vilekar. When I requested Soumya to write a post, pat came the reply and, in no time, her post reached my mail box. Soumya Vilekar is a super talented writer whose recently published work ‘Suroor of the Soul’ along with Shaheen S Dhanji, won hearts and touched the soul. She wrote a mind-blowing post which one can only bow in respect. Scroll down to read the post. You’ll know what I am saying.

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Soumya V

Identity: Human being

Place: Earth

2nd November 2014- An imaginary excerpt of a real incident


While the baby cuddled in her arms, became restless over the noise in the crowd and started wailing, the little boy who held the finger of his mother was desperate for the candy floss. It attracted him so much, that the pinkish strands of thick bunch looked to him like the ultimate object of desire.

She scolded the boy for not being patient.
“Just few minutes my dear. You will get that. Let us finish for what we are here.”

A newly married couple was enjoying the whole scene and the young man teased his newly wed wife about the baby, who was the centre of attraction for them.

Wishes they say are the extension of desires and desires are formed new at every step of life. The urge to desire makes man live. Unless the desires are not harmful, there isn’t any danger of it to anyone, they carry you forward in life to your goal and ambition.

It was a perfect evening, the colours of twilight had overpowered the blue azure and the ensemble of crimson and saffron painted the outline of the sky. The graceful earth had welcomed the dusk warmly.

Few meters away, a lady in a red graceful sari was overlooking from behind, her friend’s shoulder. Her attire looked so ethnic and elegant.

The woman with the baby was continuously staring at the lady’s beautiful personality.

Her focus broke again, as her son again reminded, “Mummy, I want the candy floss”.

The vendor who was selling the candy floss seemed less interested in having more customers. He was continuously on phone with someone and mostly people who came there were waded off, by his indifferent attitude. He must be around 19 years old. The moustache wasn’t visible yet. His mother must have dreamt a good career of his, if he was amongst the one who were fortunate enough to go to school.

So many shades we see of life in our society. People struggle to survive, some struggle to get food, some for secured shelter, some never get to know what education is all about. Some get everything served on their platter, they hardly value it.

The music started and the chaotic noise came to a stand-still. It mesmerized every heart who was present there and the symphony of the graceful retreat was witnessed by thousands.

As the rhythm faded in the air, with its end, something just silenced the ears for few minutes.

Before anyone could realize, the place had turned into a graveyard for hundreds of people who were there as tourists and were proud to witness one of the most important event which marks and symbolizes the effort of peace .Across the border, lay scattered bodies of my unknown friends and strangers who few moments ago had been my companion of the exuberant beating retreat.

It was a final retreat for them. Eyes were wet across the boundary. Sons, mothers, friends, husbands, wives all had lost their lives.

My heart couldn’t absorb the grief of seeing that little baby being thrown amidst the mob and his brother lying somewhere else.

Many candy flosses were spread all around.

It was heard later, the vendor had come there to sell death, not candy floss.

Beware, stop such vendors of terror and curb their ways. It can be withheld only by mutual respect and being humane. Radicalism of any sort will lead to savagery.

Be human and respect being humane.


Soumya Vilekar, the person behind the image, in her own words:


Soumya Vilekar is a writer, poet, blogger and author. Her works include collection of inspirational, spiritual, motivational and romantic poems, some of which have been featured in different anthologies namely AATISH, LOVELETS, THE AWAKENING OF SHE, HEAVENLY HYMNS AND SYNTHESIS. Her work has also been featured in the literary magazine CLRI. She has penned over more than 800 poems along with four poetry books, the recent one being “Suroor of the Soul”.
She is a writer and vocal contributor on Worldpulse, the esteemed site which connects women globally across 90 nations for the noble cause of women empowerment.
 Soumya draws inspiration from nature where she cultivates her thoughts and forms the essence of the Divine in her milieu. Hailing from the field of powder metallurgy with a joint patent in the same, she currently resides at Sharjah, UAE.





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11 thoughts on “Guest Post: Soumya Vilekar…read on

    1. True Jannat! Its the harsh reality of life which hardly is seen by everyone.Such tragic ends are art of many people who live their on an edge. Those innocents die in between the dance of terror.

  1. I think the author is referring to the suicide bombing attack near the Wagah border that happened a few days back. nice post, very touching…

  2. I think the author is referring to the suicide bombing attack incident that took place at the Wagah border a few days back. Nice post, very touching..

    1. Yes Ankita, You are right in judging about the incident. I spoke about the same attack without labelling it as an incident of any country. It was to initiate the thought as humans, what touches us the most is the disturbing peace and the disturbing pangs of terror. Whether the affected part is of anywhere on this earth, its the the innocent victims who suffer.THose who get killed are innocent people, children, women ,and they belong to only one race, the human race.
      Thanks for joining in here and reading this.

    1. Thank you so much Anita for sharing your thoughts here. Indeed I was talking of the same incident. I particularly didnt want to name it ,as when we started naming nations, identities, the sense of humanity gets lost in between. This was to trigger the thought of how does a reader co relate to the incident without being named, its the killing, the merciless crime which haunts every mind. Which makes us think, first we are humans and for that we all have to stand together against terror from every part of teh world

  3. These are the moments that need to be immortalized by song, poem and stories that carry the message far and wide. You achieved your purpose well in this post. When people see that the dead are their own, they may think more than twice and make the decision that all should live and live well.

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