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Un-apologetically non-selfie in world of FB addicts

Duniya re duniya..very good..very good..Duniya walon…very bad…very bad. Facebook wale moving the hips to the ‘lungi dance’ and phone camera hanging on their fingers….. lives held loose on the death-defying cliff. Ha! Our Ibizza world of selfies. No prize for guessing who were caught red-handed in the sexy gateway.

A world of selfie is our new oxymoron for self-depreciating humor.Katha hai likes ka aur comments…Dil Vil Pyar Vyar Mein Kya Jaanu re! Narcissists are all over the place, to paint the town red. Remember Nana Patekar in Bluff Master..Image!!! Image ka falooda! Char Din Aaina nahin dekha. Poor Nana! There was no selfie or Facebook at that time. And to think! The whole world is on Facebook..our parents must be lurking around, creeping on the floor…char botal Vodka…Hum Bechara bacche ka kya hoga. They must be singing, Hum Bhi agar bache hota aur miltey Facebook aur selfie. Our great grand-parents..okay not great, I am going over-the-top, just grand-parents, a lil’ birdie told me, they are now spending remaining days on the planet swirling their tongues with this ice-cream called ‘Selfie’ and Facebook. After all, what’s the harm in experiencing some harmless orgasmic pleasure?!

Heard most of the new-age kids cannot live with and without it, sinking into low-key depression to make Tadap Tadap ke iss dil se ahain nikle toh loot gaye hum tere mohabbat mein. O! Facebook! What you doing to kids? Selfie’less addict, posting smiles and the hottest pics in hip N happening parties on social media, FB and Twitter. Where is the party tonight? Naach all night!!! They wanna be stalked all over the place. How can you miss the cute smile and Monu’s biceps..look at my six-pack abs!!! Aha! The sloshed faces-cum-drowsy looks. What a sexy sight!!

There is an anti-climax to the countless selfies gone viral on social media..the new gateway of socialization. See! I am tempted to call it, ‘Chutiyapa ‘n’. Uncle Sam is watching us. Not Obama dumbo!!! The parents and great parents…baap re baap! We cannot kiss and make love, speak ‘dirty’ on social media anymore. Time to be migrating birds coz the system ganging against us. How dare they? Today’s kids have no’ tameez’, the ‘badtameez dil, no ada..spoiling our rich culture..Sanskari Babu, ‘Alok Nath’ where are you? Time to post your selfies on Facebook..the kids need Ashirvad and gotta earn Puniya. Now, we can no longer say, sex..okie that’s crude..many avatars of Alok Baba is watching and moral brigade fuming. Love is all bout making up wherever you want and with whoever u wanna.

All pictures are downloaded from Google.

Yeh Duniya, Yeh Facebook wala selfies mere kaam ki nahin!!! Next time, I’ll switch cell phone, Facebook and throw away my prized gadgets no matter how Hi-fii and smart my I-pad is…to perch atop the mountains at Dharamshala with char botal Vodka. I gotta clean my soul and getting to the Ganges is not ma turf coz NaMo has already glamorized the sacred river. And! This cute designer struck gal is facing depression coz no one is passing by her to give some bhav and likes. Dream on! Almost an impossible task! You bet! What are the odds of making the moolah on horse-trading…take a trip to Mahalaxmi Race Course.

Okay! On a serious note, Selfie walla, status update on FB and Twitter is getting worse for kids.I’ve read somewhere that some kids have killed themselves, suffering from withdrawal symptoms, getting violent with parents and abandoning studies coz their parents have banned Facebook at home. It’s kinda worrisome and hence, the post. Guys and Gals! De-addiction needed. Just de-activate the account for a while and do some real outdoor shits with pals. At the cost of being accused of blowing my own trumpet, one fine day, I de-activated the account for two months. No! I wasn’t missing’s good for the soul. You know why! Been a FB addict, couldn’t breath free air.

Free ka gyaan I’m giving!!!

PS: With this whimsical post and trying to be funny..its flat humor on ma face, I announce 15 to 20 days break off the blog. See ya soon, mates!!! Till then, spread love, Maa ka Aashirvad and make it a selfie-less the real thingy, sweetJ






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

38 thoughts on “Un-apologetically non-selfie in world of FB addicts

  1. LOL!!
    I’m an FB addict.. I try to go offline for a day or two every week.. sometimes, I succeed, sometimes I don’t. 😀

  2. Jeet jaayenge hum, FB agar sang haiiiiii, zindagi har kadam, Ek nai selfie hai..
    What a post Vishal and what a way to leave us hooked for the time you are taking a blogging break. Superb post and loved every word. Great job!

    1. Thanks loads, Parul. M soo glad u like the post..and loove d song, it’s from one of ma fav AK movie, Meri Jung. Btw, it was supposed to have AB who refused the film.
      You just made my day:)

      1. I do agree and it’s one of AK’s best performance along with Kishen Kanhaiya and Ram Lakha, just Bachchan would have given it a different edge. Also, love him in Parinda and 1942, Eeshwar-subdued performances and offering different nuances to characters played:)

  3. Honestly, selfies are often quite suicidal- izzat ka khule aam qatl I mean! I have seen selfies in FB and newspaper that makes it hard to decide whether we will laugh at that person or feel sad because s/he is soooooooooo silly!

    1. Agree with you. Once in a while, I don’t mind but I don’t get the over-the-top selfies in FB that makes it so silly, as you’ve put it and irritating. It’s all bout’ attention-seeking behavior.

      1. that is why i dont get irritated by these people who load their timelines with selfies, they may be really, really lonely and too eager for appreciation. After all, just as i read in a blog of my friend “Who is it gonna hurt, not me!” so I just click the like button whenever i have spare time.

        But i use my selfies only as my gravatar 🙂 (To save the money otherwise I will have to spend on studios).

      2. haha! As I said once in a while it’s fine..I’ve done it also..but every time..grrrr
        I guess, you right in a way, we all respond warmly to appreciation in a way.

      3. I have seen quite a lot people on FB who keep posting their selfies dozen a day. I think in today’s world, that is often so vicious and cruel these people just want someone to say something nice about them, so… just as that friend said in his blog, “Who is it gonna hurt? not me!” 🙂 I just click the like button when I stumble upon one 😦

  4. I’ve managed to avoid Facebook, mostly because I’m afraid that I’ll never be able to step away from the laptop if I get hooked on that stuff! The selfie craze is amusing, though. I like the doctor cartoon! It’s funny, but a little sad because of the truth in the statement…

    1. hehe! FB can be quite an addiction..that’s why I took 2 months break by de-activating the account. Now, I am back but will try to limit my presence..still figuring out stuffs…I feel like a new-comer. I mean, it’s true bout’ the world of selfies!!!!

  5. lol!!! Enjoyed your humor. Quite a take on this one. Though for past 5 months I have used three profile pics from my selfie section, I am thinking am I sailing in the same post i.e. being narcissist!! I agree with you it gets annoying after a point, when one over does it!!! I remember Purba Ray’s blog post Diary of a selfie addict- which you must definitely read. It is hilariously entertaining!!! 🙂

    1. Haha! Elixired…haha are you one? Lolzzz I don’t think you belong to the over-the-top group I have in mind..we all are narcissists in some way or another, right. I am so glad u enjoyed the humor:)
      I need to check Purba’s story..M a huge fan of her writings:)

  6. So, you are taking a Blogging-holiday, Vishal! Enjoy!
    I have already taken an FB-holiday for the past 3 years & I am doing fine 😛
    No competition about the number of likes my Posts/updates got 🙂
    Serious Selfie-fever all around. Great, I’m not affected!
    Lovely image & post 🙂

    1. Yeppie..just came out of my FB-holiday after two months. It’s refreshing experience and didn’t miss it at all. Now that I’m back, I feel so new. I agree with u on FB.
      Thanks for dropping:)

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