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Diwali 2014: An earthen affair in images

Linking the Diwali pics to Wordless Wednesday #58 hosted by Ruchira on

Diwali came and went in the flick of time and like the lamps, I am sure it will lighten our lives throughout the year. The traditional lightning of lamps and gently placing them in different corners in the house is something I enjoy doing as the earthen lamps are spread on a big ‘thaali’, which is quite a task. One gotta be cautious with the fingers which you don’t wanna burn with the flame. Lightning the earthen lamps has always been my task and post that, distributing Mithai (sweets) to neighbors and family friends is such a joyful experience.

This time, we had a lovely homely Diwali, watching TV and distributing sweets, munching the ones that came home. We kept it simple and watching Big Boss to finally dozed off coz after a tiring day. Mom spent the whole day preparing the sweets and arranging them in the carry bag, designed with the ‘Diyas.’ I know realize how tough it is doing the cleaning and preparing the sweets, after seeing Mom doing the whole preparation for a week.  Hope you had an awesome Diwali. Here leaving you with our Diwali pics. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did doing the click with the HTC phone.






This beautifully decorated Red lamp is one of my favorite which I got at Emporium Delhi, not far away from Shastri Bhawan during my last visit. I remember buying loads of decorative lamps for Mom and I have kept some of them for decorative purpose as well. You can spot another favorite of mind on pic number two, the same one which is not light coz Mom doesn’t want it to be spoiled with oil.


This is a picture I clicked across the road where I live and was struck by the decoration of bulb that lit the Diwali. It was a truly an affair to remember.

Joy lies in simplicity.



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22 thoughts on “Diwali 2014: An earthen affair in images

  1. I have enjoyed every moment of Diwlai celebrations. Pictures are beautiful.
    How do you react to every year idea of crackerjacks Diwali? I hate the sermons being given only for Diwali

    1. Thank you so much, Sir. I agree with you Sir and we need to make it a habit to implement good values throughout the year. For one, I am against fire crackers but don’t mind fireworks. The problem is that it leads to pollution and is such an eye-sore and see no point burning money like this. We should make it a habit for people to be safe through and go green.

    1. Thanks loads..It’s one of ma fav! It’s the office sweet…there is something that they locally call ‘Mawa Samoosa’. We bought some barfi and ladoo, mom made something called ‘Split Peas’ baked in oil. It’s some locally adopted sweet by the people of Indian Origin.
      Happy Belated Diwali:)

  2. Joy indeed lives in simplicity. I like how you end your post with this beautiful thought. Beautiful pictures of a calm and perfect Diwali with family. I posted some pictures on my FB page – of diyas and lights at my home. May the light keep guiding us all through the year.

  3. Loved the pix, V

    It sure is tiring for your mom, to prepare and clean up!

    Thanks for linking up, Always a pleasure to see you

    Will think of something and send it across for your guest post. Thanks

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