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Film Review: Happy New Year, perfect Diwali cracker and high voltage package

Review: Happy New Year

Cast: Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Vivaan Shah, Jackie Shroff and Anupam Kher, Malika Arora Khan, Vishal Dadlani & Anurag Kashyap in guest appearances.

Music: Vishal-Shekhar

Director: Farah Khan

Producer: Gauri Khan/Red Chillies Entertainment

Wanna go on a bumpy and roller-coaster ride? If, yes! Read this review at your own risk..oops! my bad! Risque! It’s for the haters of ‘meaningful’ brainless flicks and kick ass comedy that tickles the heart to happiness. A word of caution to intellectual critics, swearing by meaningful cinema, it’s a sugar-coated appreciation of Happy New Year and don’t blame me for giving you a heart attack ‘kyon ki saala Kismet bada kutti cheez!’….’Haaro to Haaro, Ijaat Mat Uttara’…’Nandu manjhe Dimaag mein Khide’…

Happy New Year belongs to the masses. Stunning visuals of Dubai captured to perfection, mass appeal, Jhakaas dance moves, super entertaining songs and lovable performances. It’s no secret that Farah Khan belongs to the Manmohan Desai’s school of cinema whose one-liner should remain buried in our head, ‘If you want to enjoy my films, leave your brains at home.’ I know, the intellectuals must be fuming coz HNY has done to them what ‘Mere Brains Ko Aanda Kisne Maara.’ Happy New is a typical ‘Masale dhar’ movie, a bit stretched perhaps as it hits almost three hours, that will woo and make you laugh your lungs out. What works for Farah’s is the dialogue baazi, after all what’s a Hindi movie without mazedar dialogues?

Happy New is the story of six losers in Dubai, Charlie (SRK), Mohini (Deepika), Nandu (Abhishek), Tammy (Boman), Jag (Sonu) and Vivaan (Rohan). A team of six underdogs who are hell bent in seeking a revenge by making the biggest diamond heist. In turn, they captivate the hearts of million across the globe and not just Rs 100 crores worth star-studded diamonds.

Shah Rukh Khan as Charlie, the Boston University topper, is endearing and proves why he is one of the biggest superstar in the country. Perhaps, HNY is the film where he packed an action storm that would make the rest of his movies fade in comparison in terms of Maar Dhaar. He exudes charisma whether in funny situations, action, romance and emotions. The rehearsing of his old filmy bazzi dialogues that won him hearts and wooed his audience remains the movie’s forte. Captivating.

The surprise package of HNY is Abhishek Bachchan. In case you haven’t watched this roller-coaster ride, grab your tickets and you’ll know why. Abhishek as Nandu Bhide excels in comedy and HNY will certainly be one of his most loved character after a spate of bad movies. He is hilarious when he does a repeat of Amitabh Bachchan, ‘I can talk in English and Walk in English.’ Junior Bachchan scores big time in this one with his hatke, tapori style, ‘Nandu Bhide Dimaag Mein Khide’ which the fans will love to no end. In one word: Brilliant. People will identify with the character Nandu that re-defines Abhishek as an actor.

Deepika Padukone as Mohini is live poetry in motion. Her entry is fantastic in the ‘Lovely’ song and the kind of energy she displays, hitting the octane level like a volcano is breath-taking. She has improved a lot as an actor and in every movie, she raises the bar a notch higher which leaves her contemporaries far behind. Certainly, Deepika proves in HNY that she is the most accomplished and versatile actor who gives her fans something new in every film. Whether it’s the romantic scenes with King Khan and comedy or emotional scenes, she shines throughout. She adds credence to her character whether getting ensnared by English the Phunny language or doing a spoof of Kabir Khan in Chak De India. Deepika as Mohini is endearing.

It’s an education watching Boman Irani as Tammy and one wonders how he pulls his characters so effortlessly. An endearing performance by one of the most talented actors in the Hindi film industry. Sonu Sood as Jag performs competently while Naseer’s son Vivaan Shah plays his part well as the loser Geek. A potential to watch out for. Jackie Shroff is competent and suave as the villain.

Farah Khan as a director is fully attuned to the taste of the masses and is a maven on making films injecting the right dose of , ‘Masala.’ However, two back-to-back songs towards the interval seems repetitive and tad boring. Plus, the films drags a bit with its nearing three hours which could have been chopped to make the screenplay more crisp.

On the whole, credit goes to Farah Khan for packing the right punch of action, comedy and emotions to make Happy New Year, the real winner in terms of entertainment.  The right dose of striking a hilarious route coupled with a subdued text of patriotism in the climax makes Happy New Year a flick that carries repeat value coupled with gripping narrative and blockbuster with the right ingredients. Plus, the friendly appearances of Anupam Kher, Vishal Dadlani, Dina Morea and Anurag Kashyap is the extra Mithais.  Truly Team India! Happy New Year has come to make the perfect Diwali gift like the jalebis, mouth-watering Gulab Jamuns and Rasgoolas. Plus, the music by Vishal-Shekhar is captivating and catchy. Another musical high.

What I like with Farah Khan is how she always gives credit to the whole crew in the end. A special gift by Shah Rukh Khan how he presented his cute son, AbRam and of course, Farah’s triplets. It’s lovely to see Gauri Khan shaking a leg. Reasons for you to watch HNY.

PS: Breaking with the tradition of giving stars to HNY and just go, munch the pop corn and enjoy the ride. To nay-sayers, I am your average blogger and no, SRK, Farah, Abhishek and Deepika have not paid me for the review. So shut up and stop cribbling.

With Love




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11 thoughts on “Film Review: Happy New Year, perfect Diwali cracker and high voltage package

  1. How much SRK offered you for a good review Mr Bheeroo 😀
    I am not very fond of Masala Movies I still like those old school comedies Chupke Chupke, Golmaal…nowadays we dont have much option…so I go with the flow…and one thing I religiously do before watching all these Masala Movies…I leave my brains at home 😉

    Good Review…but Nandu stole my heart anyway 🙂

    1. Haha! Peanuts and priceless entertainment. I mean, I believe there is two kind of cinema, either you make a good or bad movie and don’t really believe in the distinction between artsy, meaningful and masala. Bring it on! Nandu Bhide Dimaag mein Khide was the real surprise..I always believe Abhishek has huge potential as an actor but which is not being explored. He is yet to say his last words. True, leave the brains at home and gimme me neday an Amar Akbar Anthony kinda comedy. I loove Chupke Chupke and Golmal a lot, though:)

  2. there are quite a few good actors in Hindi movie that are getting ruined due to lack of roles. Good that shahid kapoor is experimenting with different type of films like haider, i have not seen it, i really dont like the reality based violence movies, they leave me depressed. but my brother saw it and said he acted really well.

    Shahid kapoor, ranveer kapoor, abhishek, hrithik- these are really good actors but there is no appropriate role for them. its sad! really sad.

    1. I feel it’s the best time for the film industry where actors are ready to experiment with roles and scripts. I mean, there is room for everybody where all kind of films can exist, ‘serious’ cinema, entertainment and meaningful. They are good actors with huge potential. Having said that, I swear by ‘Masala; films that entertain and also go by the adage, either you make a good film or a bad film, entertaining, meaningful or artsy doesn’t matter.

      1. exactly even in hollywood you will see sean penn and scream directors co-existing merrily. So why cant hindi movie directors start about releasing some ardhsatya and arth again? Most probably they wont find any female lead. the only woman capable of playing such roles who is still acting i guess is Tabu, is there anyone else? there are quite a few male actors but female lead actress who will be able to deliver a smita patil or shabana type role?

      2. Agree. But, I feel it’s the best time in the film industry where directors and actors are experimenting a lot with roles. Yeah! Commercial and art cinema can co-exist. I also feel that the distinction between the two is real bullshit.
        Smita Patil and Shabana are amazing actors and add to them, Nandita Das:)

    1. It’s paisa vasool and full on entertainment. I believe either you make a good or bad film and do not really believe in distinction between art and masala.
      Munch u pop corns and enjoy:)

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