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Good ole charm of ‘Gharwali Diwali’

Wishing each & everyone of you a very Happy and Dhinchak Diwali. May all your dreams come true and be bestowed with health, wealth and good wishes. May all your dreams come true as we leave behind the bad, relish wonderful moments and look up to a super awesome season full of love. Diwali is a season where we become one, irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion and hope to unite as human beings, free of prejudices.

Image credit: Google India
Image credit: Google India


In this age of Shor Sharaba, held under siege by crackers on the road, multiplex culture in the busy streets, there is nothing like Gharwali Diwali. Sober Diwali! See I’m quite a home pigeon these days, gushing to celebrate a sober Diwali. Nah! I haven’t been binge drinking or high on drugs to suffer from withdrawal symptom.

Diwali is always special to me and always look up to D-Day. New clothes, Mithai, lighting Diyas and there is a spark in my eyes as I look excitedly to the celebration, sharing moment of love with near and dear ones. As a child, my eyes would beam excitedly on Diwali and couldn’t wait to sneak on Mithai made by Mom. I remember on the eve of Diwali, Mom would be in the kitchen till late and, as I lay on bed, overhearing the oil as mom would prepare ladoo and Gulab Jamun. I was dying to taste the Mithai but there is no way to sneak in the catch to steal the sweets. Mom is very particular and no one has the right to touch the sweets till Laxmi Puja is performed. I waited with bated breath till the morning, surveying Mom and Dad movement, pretending to go to toilet thousand times, before stealing Mithai that I would slip in my pocket. Done deed!

I would wait for guests in front of the door and when they reach with their dabba full of Mithai, I would gorge on them. Diwali is the day where I strictly don’t have lunch or dinner as countless Mithai shared is spread on the table. A day full of Mithai to sweeten the mouth and stomach. See! I am a very sweet guy, always speaking in loving tone. Must be the effect of Mithai. Meet me at your own peril and I can assure you’ll die of diabetes. My silly stomach crave for Mithai on Diwali Day as I loiter around, wearing my best Kurta-Pyjama. One task I am always given and I am a maven at is to distribute Mithai in small plastic bags to neighbors home as Mom would keep making the sweets. It’s a never ending tough task for Mom, cleaning and washing the house, windows before Diwali and making sweets. Tiring, na! Tsk!!! Uff! Yeh sab ghar ka kaam Diwali ke liye.

When I moved to Pune and Mumbai for my studies, Diwali became an ongoing romance that I cherished over the years and still miss those days. A home away from home. There was never a dull moment on Diwali. I would wait with bated breath for the special pocket money from Dad and Mom to shop for new Kurtas, forking money at the sweet shop to distribute to friends and teachers. Shopping at the crowded Laxmi Road in Pune for the whole day to no avail to get the favorite and special Kurta. Unsuccessful shopping! Trying my luck the next day till I find something better. After all, it’s Diwali. As you walk past the Peth areas, you are held to crackers bursting like being caught on the Indo-Pak border. After all, it’s such a homely feeling in cities like Pune and Mumbai with friends.

How I miss the sweet made by aunty, my best friend Adi’s Mom on Diwali. Aunty makes the best coffee, chai, Maharashtrian food and of course, Mithai. She made my days in Pune super awesome and been Mom to me. The first house I would pay a visit was Adi’s Mom coz I know she would force feed me with Barfi, my favorite Gulab Jamun and, of course, her superb chai. No! I wasn’t complaining. Or, visiting my doc in Pune, Dr Alka, who would make me sit in the Puja and make me eat loads of Mithai. Super awesome Diwali in Pune, I tell you!

During the next, our gang would meet and we were a gen who wouldn’t mind our King Fisher beer as an ode to Vijay Mallya on Diwali. One thing led to the other, shuffling cards, we were ‘juari.’ Yeh Diwali hai ek Jua!!! Rolling the empty bottle of beer to play Truth or Dare. Beware! The deep secrets were out! Who is your latest crush in college? Do you like XYZ? The secret was out on Diwali. Truly special! On Diwali, Adi would corner me on the latest girl friend potential or making me imitate Hindi film ka wonder the actor in me came out on Diwali. Kya kya nahin Karta Diwali hum logon ko..exposing us, of course, and poor me was always the victim.

How I miss those priceless memories. Shopping for hours at Colaba, CST and the awesome street shopping at Crawford Market. The joy of haggling for a Kurta on the street at Crawford cannot be quantified and makes memories to be cherished for a life time. Truly a Gharwali Diwali at home and away from home. It made my Gharwali Diwali full of joyful memories.

This post is written as a part of Indi Happy Hours’#GharWaliDiwali in association with PepsiCo and IndiBlogger.

Diwali Abhinanda

With Love





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18 thoughts on “Good ole charm of ‘Gharwali Diwali’

  1. These are beautiful thoughts, Vishal. I honestly liked your description of Diwali far more than the ad. I know many people loved the ad, but to me, it felt a bit forced. Maybe I am getting old.

    On another note, I am glad to see how well you have grown as a writer since I started reading your blog. This post is full of the right dose of emotion, heart and description. Very beautifully written!

    1. Thank you so much, Shailaja. Trust me, they are priceless memories…I mean, I love the ad since it has an emotional warmth. Now, you prompting me to watch the ad again but comparing my writing to the ad..hehe I don’t think yeh sach ha..aww! Thanks for being so encouraging about my writing and I have a very long way to go. Thanks for the kind words. I’m humbled:)

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