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Blog Action Day 2014: Equality in a society infested with #Inequality

I am taking part in #blogactionday, October 16, 2014. The post is  based on the theme ‘Inequality:  #BAD2014, #Inequality and #BlogAction hosted by

I choose to write on ‘Equality in a society infested with #Inequality‘ which is destroying the legitimate dreams and rights of human beings in society as well as the fact that children are deprived of education, women are discriminated at every end. The aim of the post is to shed light on the fallacy of capitalism as a system that crumbled and led to the global financial crisis. Still, some believe in the system which is the root cause of corruption, exploitation and inequality.


Since times immemorial, inequality has perpetuated the social strata, be it caste, class, religion or gender.  There is unfair justification on the need for an unequal society to pave the way for equality in terms of resources-natural and human, goods and discrimination. It’s the biggest misnomer and human tragedy when the capitalist and so-called liberal society feed such crass mentality.

When we see a capitalist system that crashed and contributed to million of unemployed across the globe is being justified on rhetoric ground, it is the biggest inequality on earth. The famous United States bred and classic argument, ‘Banks who are too big to fail’ is implemented and taken as the holy truth to justify fat cheques for the fat cats at the expense of the middle class and working class people who are pulling all strings to make both ends meet. Speak about moron capitalism and unequal resources!  For me, this is inequality when the wealth gap gets wider and wider as the capitalist system is indoctrinated in the minds of people as the truth.

When mill workers are robbed of their existence to make way for sky-rocketed building and malls as they stand deprived of their livelihood, this is the biggest human tragedy on earth. The capitalists call it development in their own jargon while they forget the miseries faced by the commoners. It is an irony when slum dwellers live in inhumane conditions and are exploited at every end, while capitalists make crores by twisting the law. Likewise, in Mumbai, the residents of Cola Camp who sweat blood to buy an apartment which is declared as illegal and ordered to be destroyed while the developers violating the Floor Space Index get away. If the houses of residents who take loans to acquire property are driven out and declared as illegal, so are the thousands of so-called skycrapers across the globe.

When an underbelly and child in our society living on the streets of Mumbai, Rahul Dravid, accompanied by a college girl who was giving him a treat in an upmarket restaurant in the posh South Mumbai’s Churchgate is driven out because the former was not wearing slippers, it is the biggest discrimination on earth. Their flimsy justification: It will embarass their super rich patrons. One is appalled to see such kind of discrimination when both the girl and the boy are refused entry on the ground that the latter would offend customers and lower standards of the post restaurant. It’s not only blatant hypocrisy but also the biggest social injustice and inequality.

Inequality to me is when any society refuse to recognize the rights of transgenders and homosexuals as human beings, owing to archaic laws that declare love as a crime. When Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is being upheld, declaring same-sex love to be illegal, it entails that human beings have no right to live in society. Moreover, when a commercial sex worker is treated as inferior and deprived of basic human rights, this is inequality perpetuated in society.

Education is the right of any human being, rich or poor. When a child in some distant village belonging to the ‘undercaste’ is discriminated and deprived of education, this is not only prejudice but inequality. Similarly, when the girl child is scorned upon or women harassed by a society that prides itself in the name of patriarchy or tradition, this is blatant tale of inequality in society.

When Nobel Prize winner, Kailash Satyarthi, rescues souls subjected to child labour as a one-man army, one feel that the cause to fight an unequal society is not lost, after all. There are still some good human beings like Satyarthi working, faraway from the media glare, to fight inequality and pitch for an equal society. Inequality has always existed and will always exist but, as human beings, we have no right to condone the ugly by-product and evils of the capitalism. Let’s join hands to fight the evil for a more equal society in our own way.



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

12 thoughts on “Blog Action Day 2014: Equality in a society infested with #Inequality

  1. Awesome Vishal! Hats off to you.Very inspirational. So well written post and I couldnt agree more. Sooo happy for the Nobel peace prize this year, so well deserved. May there be more equality as a result of the work done by the good forces in society.

    1. Thanks so much, Eli. It’s always heartening to see social crusaders across the globe be recognized for their work. The souls that work far away from the media. Hope for more equality with such good souls:)

  2. so true Vishal.. its kind of disheartening..
    we need to step up and I believe that every small step that we take will help us achieve equality across all races and gender.

    1. It break the heart when we see such inequality and culture of exploitation reigning. It’s the law of the jungle that prevent progress of mankind and discriminate across caste, race and gender.

  3. Brilliant post Vishal…and you are so right even if we want we cannot get rid of this inequality prevailing in our society…god knows when will we grow up and learn that at the end of the day we are humans…not men or women or muslim,or sikh, or thakur or brahmin…
    In fact very recently Emma Watson gave an excellent speech on Inequality…and she gave a very thought provoking speech…Great Post Vishal 🙂

    1. Thanks Aarya for sharing Emma Watson speech. Will google it. The society in which we live is a human tragedy..gender and religious bias, economic inequality and racism. When will humans ever understand this? Issues are rake to divide us as a society to keep the system of exploitation.

  4. Capitalism surely breeds inequality. But socialism isn’t equal either. The problem is in us, our greed, our urges, our deep-rooted desire for power, possession. Unless we can work on ourselves, no mind-created economic system can save us.
    Good post, Vishal!

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