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‘Maha’ Bharata in the times of Maharashtra

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Kaun Banega Crorepati question. Do you know who is the new ‘Mehenga Dulhan’ in town? Maharashtra! Jai Maharashtra. After all, Balasaheb must be laughing from Parlok, how they trying to rob him of his Baby. Remember he coined, Jai Maharashtra. He must be telling, look at the thieves, clamoring for Jai Maharashtra sing-song a la Doctor Deng. Congress, NCP, BJP and MNS.

Itna Mehenga Dulhan ban Gaya Maharashtra. After all, waqt waqt ki baat hai! Gujarat has suddenly become the sasta Dulha. Pradhan Mantri claimed that he wants Maharashtra to become mehenga than his once Queen of Hearts, Gujarat. Poor fellow, he must be nursing his break up..sob sob..Break Ke Baad with the Sainiks. Aur Apna Gadkari Babu is playing Chori Chori Chup Ke Chupke after his Dabbang fracas. Bechara, Gadkari! He has gone on silent mode now.

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After all, it’s the battle for Maharashtra. The new prince, Aditya Thackeray wants Mumbai to gain back its days of glory. Sensible fellow, I tell you. After all, Mumbai is not a 9 to 5 city coz the residents love their city unplugged 24 hours a day. Inspector Dhoble is passé now. Dearies, political tokenism never works in Mumbai. Shivaji Maharaj politics is such an old refrain that makes us run away as if Yo! Yo! Honey Singh or Himesh Babu is singing, full blast almost damaging our ear lobes.

Break Up Ke Baad kya hoga, Maharashtra mein? Issues remain the same, potholes after every monsoon, farmers’ suicides, crime riding high quite surprisingly in cities like Mumbai and Pune. Does the average Mumbaikar have a choice in maximum city? Our life lines running late despite being considered one of the most efficient in the world.

A battle for Satta! No, Shiv Sena must get a reality check since this assembly election is not some classic song a la 90s and 2000s. Their trump card, Bal Thackeray is no more and, perhaps, it’s reason for the Sainiks to re-think of their political strategy, ‘Bhaiyyas Bhagao’ Maharashtra mein. The bait doesn’t bite the average and educated middle class, Maharashtrians or for that matter any one of them-remember anyone living in Maharashtra is called a Maharashtrian or Mumbaikar.

MNS Raj Thackeray has a certain charisma that reminds Sainik followers of his uncle. He has taken the ‘Mee Maratha’ and ‘Maratha Manoos’ campaigh a notch higher to steal the thunder right under the nose of cousin Udhdhav. The question is, can Uddhav Thackeray assert himself as Shiv Sena leader and impose in Maharashtra this time? That’s the million dollar question on the lips of everyone having a tryst with Maharashtra. Wait! Will they rope Uday-Baba as their trump card, showing his biceps to win the election in the name of Entertainment. Ask Vidya, Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

We, the People! The people of Maharashtra deserve better in terms of infrastructure, development, water, electricity woes to be put to an end as well as housing problems. Will Maharashtra win the battle on Wednesday? Let’s pray, wish and wait for the messiah! Or should we pull the horns to make our city and state the most prosperous in India?

It’s time to clean the city not just from filth but clean the system, both political and bureaucratic or otherwise.Swach Bharat! The people must restore the dignity of Maharashtra and kill corruption, political circus and infrastructure failure. Time to move beyond Namo’s wit to outshine the Thackeray!

Chala Bhau Chala Laukar Laukar!!!!



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