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Diary of my life

Hiya folks, hope you enjoying life’s roller coaster ride-the super awesome, thoda Khatta thoda Meetha and the ugly unfurled on us. Like Sachin said, if life throws brickbats on me, I make milestones out of it. Touche!

-Anxiety gnaws on me. I am in a phase where I am becoming crabby and snapping every now and then. Blame it on the frustration in life and impatience growing thin on me. I am becoming extraordinary impatient about life, hopes, dreams. Things doesn’t seem to move the way I want to. I know ups and downs has been always been part of my life and I’ve always been the dark horse. But, things doesn’t seem to work or for that matter, taking its own sweet time. I mean, I know, things will move for the better. But, I hate this snail pace that surrounds my life. How I hate it when stuffs doesn’t work my way!

There is  a sense of dissatisfaction on the professional front and things can be de-motivating or frustrating. And, the stress, at times, doesn’t seem to help my cause at all. How I wish I could work from home and earn bucket loads of money as a freelancer! I hope, five years from now, I don’t need to work for someone. It can be shitty! Right now, my mind is hovering on the dream content website that I would love to start five years from now and make hay under the sun. That way, I could sit at home and write books. Yeah! I wanna write books as a profession or may be, make short or ad films.

It’s been more than a month I am off from Facebook and haven’t decided when to come back. I badly needed an FB break and enjoying the de-tox, cut off from what the FB-ers are doing. Totally clueless! I am enjoying every moment of staying in hibernation, free from the ranting, venting, sharing and status updates. Trust me, it’s liberating. The experience of decluttering the mind is the real icing on the cake.

It’s been ages that I haven’t scripted anything in the diary. I wonder when I gonna reach the end of the diary that I bought  years back. It’s lazy, I know and my palm  is itching. Time to go back and bare my soul.

Weekend is reserved to be converted into a potato couch. You name it, you get it! Big Boss, yeah, right! I sit through the weekend ka var with Salman Khan. It’s another thing that I don’t find season 8 appealing but wait for the vaar. Comedy Nights with Kapil and this week’s outing of Satyamev Jayate makes me a dull boy, high on the spirit of TV. Btw, absolutely love this week’s episode of Satyamev Jayate where Amir Khan spoke on sports on how a criminal’s life changed through sports, small town Haryanvi girls become pride of a nation or how a small-town middle class boy became a world golf champion . Sports can truly change one’s life.

It’s been long I haven’t watched a Hindi movie on silver screen since Dhoom:3 in December. I wanna watch Haider next Saturday and hop on for Happy New year this Diwali. During the weekend, I managed to watch Gulabi Gang with legends Madhuri Dixit-Juhi Chawla. Whatta pleasure to watch the two most sought heroines of the 90s acting together. Double impact!

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Having the ball of time at the Golf club

Every cloud has its silver lining: Finally, the crazy week ended in a deservedly well fashion. I was treated for a free Golf training and absolutely love it. Bang Bang! It’s another story that I missed the cue totally but a lesson totally worth it. Amazing golf course, body posture to hit the cudgel and swinging the bat.

I missed the birthday of a good friend. I was feeling so bad actually when she pinged, reminding me, how I missed her special day. Blame it on the totally crazy stuffs unfurling in my life where life start and ends with work, sleep, work. 



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

14 thoughts on “Diary of my life

  1. Life has its ups and down, and remember you are not alone…keep going! And with crazy schedules or lazy days, I too have been a victim of forgetting dates and then, I bounced back to get things right in future esp. with calenders, notes and alarms 🙂

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