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The perfect plan


Hi, it’s my first random attempt to write a micro-fiction. Hope you enjoy the story:

The Perfect Plan

Radhika longed for his affection. He was globe-trotting, jumping from one plane to another, sealing business deals, to secure their future. She didn’t lack anything. Bank balance, gold ornaments, luxurious house, latest model of cars, gadgets and equal partner in his business. What she lacked was love and affection. Till one day, she decided to have a frank discussion with him.

“If you are feeling bored, what don’t you start travelling in different places in India and abroad,” he suggested.

“Why don’t you take Karan along with you? He is a learned man and well read. I will speak to him.”

Radhika nods in approval. He was happy to get rid of her concern so that he can concentrate on his business expansion. HDFC has just sanctioned a loan of Rs 5 crore for his digital media expansion. Whilst travelling in the local train in Mumbai, she concocted a plan. It suddenly started raining heavily. Trains were stranded for 48 hours. He was unaware that his wife was stuck in the rain and disappeared in the ruthless waters. ’36 died, 108 missing’ read the morning headlines.

Her mysterious disappearance sent him in a withdrawal mode. His business started crumbling and suddenly faced heavy losses, though he made quite enough money to survive till his end. His investment was locked with Radhika and he couldn’t touch the million of rupees stacked in the bank and investment companies. The only person that could lay claim to the money was Radhika who is now gone in heaven. Months later, his most trusted lieutenant, Karan, resigned and left for Switzerland.

One year later:

In the misty morning, Karan is sipping a hot capuccino when his eyes struck a beautiful woman, dressed in blue jeans and grabbing balls of snow. She turns towards him at a distance and scampers her way to the plush cafe. She smiles, “The money has been transferred online. I just checked.” Radhika hugs him. The perfect plan, their eyes seem to tell each other. They embrace passionately.





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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