Priceless memories and emotions


Her memories cannot be erased from the mind and soul;

There are relationships that are difficult to forget;

The heart is fickle, love is a complex emotion that shows no reason;

Every words of hers’ ring in my ears as if it was just yesterday we met;

A tale of priceless memories and emotions;

Love happened in the metro city that brought our hearts closer;

Like she would say,

what lies between us are tiny matters in comparison to what lies in front of us;

Why do we long for this emotion called love?, I ask myself;

Yet, it was the most difficult and intense relationship in my life.




14 thoughts on “Priceless memories and emotions

  1. pixie

    I agree with Shailaja! This was exceptional.. the emotions were conveyed beautifully! 🙂
    and yes, you have grown so much as a writer 😀

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