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Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt: I, Me and Myself

This post is written as part of Wednesday prompt hosted on, ‘I, Me and Myself’.

Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 17th September:

I, me and Myself

Myself, Vishal, suffering from the syndrome of forgetfulness and tale of missing stuffs. Would you imagine that I misplaced few important stuffs during the past two days? I am getting old, Me feel. First, I am trying to recollect things in the right lobe of my head. I mean, there must be pointers to remember where I place stuffs that miraculously disappear in this I, Me and Myself world.

I woke up on Tuesday morning to realize that I cannot find my diary. I’ve turned the room and table upside down to lay my hand on this treasure trove called diary. After all, it’s not some miniature object like the pen drive that may have been slipped under stack of newspapers, books or magazines. The diary is the size of a book that should be visible on the table, after all. I remember taking the diary in the bag to meet a friend in his office on Monday since I had to send an urgent fax and later went to the bank for withdrawal. One possibility is that I may have left the diary at my friend’s office. I left an sms, asking them to check if the diary is left lying in their office.

Today, I woke up and had a smoke but the I, Me and Myself  misplaced the lighter. Another tale of forgetfulness syndrome. Come on, the lighter should be lying, somewhere in the house or on my way to work, I may have dropped it, somewhere. But, till the time, I reached office, I didn’t smoke at all. So, there is no way that these objects are flying from one place to another to play havoc with me. Surely, it’s no tale of Placebo Effect.

Super successful model, TV anchor, fashion designer and BB8 contestant, Diandra Soares
Super successful model, TV anchor, fashion designer and BB8 contestant, Diandra Soares

What can better describe I, Me and Myself than Big Boss 8? Yeah! I’ve been watching the show for three consecutive days and  I may get hooked to the show watching participants under house arrest. Celebrities jumping on the band wagon to resurrect their fading careers and creating controversies to be in the lime light and, eventually, winning the show. We shall see the real self of the celebrities on the show! Their anger, crazy antics, drama, ego and what’s not on display for the public to show. Some will be too much of themselves, feeling bad, that fellow inmates don’t find them beautiful or who hates whom or who is having a soft corner for who,. The tears of narcissists and drama to show the world who they are! After all, it’s not just a syndrome but attention-seeking behavior. It’s all about me and nothing else, matters. Like my favorite BB contestant and Lady Gagga-yish, Diandra Soares has painted her hair green but dunno whether it’s for the show but she truly lives up to the image, I, Me and Myself. Move over selfie, Facebook updates or 140 words tweets, inmates gonna rob the limelight and crush fellas on their way. After all, Big Boss is all about I, Me and Myself.

But then, aren’t we all narcissists trying to prove something about our identity, be it social media, TV or real life. I agree that, at some point in life, I am so full of myself as an individual. I was so much hooked to FB that I decided to de-activate the account for some self-detox. I don’t intend to be back soon and enjoying the ME time. It’s been more than one month and it’s an exercise that I intend to do every year. You dare to be different? What are the odds?

I, Me and Myself




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

14 thoughts on “Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt: I, Me and Myself

  1. Hmmm… maybe it’s a sign – you shouldn’t be writing down your inner secrets or smoking? Only teasing 🙂 I go through phases where I lose stuff and it sure is irritating. Often what I find is it’s me trying to do too much at once and I leave stuff laying around somewhere between where I started and where I intended to leave it. Hope your forgetfulness improves (I tend to think it’s more busy-ness than age… please let me continue to believe this!)

    1. haha! so’s the work/agenda diary and I recovered it today at the friend’s point in getting over worked and all, you see!!!! I have this bad habit coz of busy-ness..of course, I am not stopping you..lolz

      1. believe me it is not connected to age anymore, we are living a crazy life, that is all! 🙂 just tally the things you do at one time, and the things your mom does, if you had a grandparent i would have asked to add her too in the tallying and you will know.

        right now my brain is acting like a humming bird, i can hear its vibration 🙂

        it is answering to you remark, checking whether the next window is opening, thinking about thirty things and listening to music.

        If I had office tension or social tension added to it… that would have made the potion too perfect.

      2. I do agree that the mind need to de-clutter itself and, at times, negative and unwanted thoughts may flow. I need to prioritize stuffs..Good idea..need to do that..lolz so many things with an innocent brain. Btw, recovered the diary and was lying at my friend’s office:)

    1. Welcome here RED HANDED:) aren’t we all narcissists..yeah been catching on BB for the time being and let’s see hoe it catch it up on you tube and lemme know hoe you find it:)

  2. You do manage to lose a lot of your stuff! Got too much stuff or too over worked.
    I forget it too all the time so now I make it a point to keep important things with my right hand so I remember and so does my mind.
    BB8. …….No idea….but I think you are right had caught a glimpse, didn’t like what I saw.

    1. It happens to me quite often..too much stuffs occupying the mind and got too many things I guess. I need to re-arrange things properly, I guess.
      I only watch Salman va Var..or else, BB is so irritating and lacks punch!!!

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