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Interview: Best selling author Ruchita Misra on I Do! Do I!

We love rom-coms, don’t we all? When a new author woos us with a dash of freshness by sketching relatable characters that remain with us, we feel connected to her. There are numerous authors on the Indian scene but there are some whose writings stay with us for a long time and give us a life time memories. One such author, is Ruchita Misra whose The (In) Eligible Bachelors made me smile, jump with joy and laugh like crazy. In fact, she won over the heart.

Today, I am pleased to host Ruchita Misra on the blog whose latest book, I Do, Do I! published by Harper Collins India which is set rolling on the market in September. She is an incredible talent whose creative words will make your heart long to fall in love. She re-defined romance in her first book and there are loads of expectations with her latest, I Do! Do! which I am sure will be a running best seller on the market. Woohoo! The big interview of the one & only best selling writer in town, Ruchita Misra.

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Who is Ruchita Misra?

Born in Lucknow, Ruchita Misra is a triple gold medallist from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi. Her first book, ‘The (In) Eligible Bachelor published by Rupa & Co. in September 2011 that made it on The Hindu’s bet seller list for 11 months. Zee News and Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government, in an acknowledgement of the achievement awarded, Ruchita the ‘Awadh Samman’ in 2012. Her second book, ‘I Do! Do I?’, published by Harper Collins India, is set to be released in September, 2014.

Ruchita has been living and working in London for the last 5 years.

Ruchita enjoys travelling, reading, writing, gardening, baking and painting. She blogs at


INTERVIEW: Ruchita Misra

‘I Do! Do I has the warmth that comes from romance’: Ruchita

1.When I finished The (In) Eligible Bachelors, the first thought that popped in my head was, ‘Move Over Chetan Bhagat’. Did you expect your first book to woo the hearts of readers and become a best seller?

Thank you J

I had this fantasy that my book would be on the best seller charts. It was just that, a fantasy,   just as you fantasize about winning the lottery or  about Shah Rukh falling madly in love with you- you know it won’t really happen. That this happened was a blessing and I deeply grateful to the readers who made this possible.

 2. The (In) Eligible Bachelors brought a certain freshness and re-defined rom-com coupled with hilarious writing to Indian English Literature? Are you anywhere close to your main character, Kasturi?

I don’t know, because Kasturi, for me, is a real person I know very well. A person with hopes and ideas (mad ones though), fears and her own battles. However, people who know me well and have read TIB, insist that Kasturi is a lot like me. They say they can imagine me saying and doing all the things that Kasturi says and does. I am therefore, forced to think that Kasturi is an extrapolation of an aspect of my character. I can be very melodramatic and little bit crazy with very close friends (only) and I think Kasturi is that generally- mad and dramatic.

3. Your latest offering is I Do! Do I? What it’s all about and for sure, you must be aware of the huge expectations after the best-selling, The (In) Eligible Bachelors?

It is fun take on a couple’s journey from ‘Yes’ to ‘I Do’. I like to call it a masala entertainer! It has a lot of laughs, drama, more drama, talks about  love and friendship. It really is the book version of a Bollywood masala movie.

In fact, it picks up from where TIB left and yes, it is again the  story of Kasturi, Pitajee, Purva and Anu. I just hope that I have done justice to it.

     4. You’ve been a blogger and belong to the horde of engineers jumping to blogging. Was writing always your passion and did you always wanted to become a celebrated writer?

I have always been writing and that is what I want to continue doing; I think I write so that I can stay sane and cannot not write. I started blogging at my brother’s suggestion and have been doing so now for 9 years! For me it is important to write. Whether I become a celebrated writer or no is for the       universe to decide, I will simply keep telling stories.

    5. Where do you get the inspiration of sketching characters from? Are they close to the mango people we meet in real life?

I do not know…typically my books begin as a few scenes in my head. There is something about that image that stays and I need to know more. To do that I have to start building the characters and begin to think about how they got there. More often than not, I get totally wrapped in the story and find it difficult to come out of that world into the real one.  Writing, for me, is a very organic process, it happens most naturally. Story telling is like breathing. (Mostly) effortless.

     6. How do you see the market for romance in the future and can someone survive solely by making a career in scripting novels in India?

I think most people enjoy a nice, fun romance and till such people exist, the market remains. I have a full-time job in London and if I were to be honest, it is my job that pays the bills. Writing is just for me and my sanity J

      7. How long it took you to write I Do! Do I! How would you describe the entire process of weaving characters into words, detailing and drafts?

It took me about 6-8 months to write IDDI but I wrote 2 drafts before that and that will explain the 3 year gap between my two books. The other books just did not work for various reasons and maybe one day I will go back to them. I signed my contract with Harper Collins in October last year and we have been working on the edits and cover since. Yes! Almost a year for edits and cover! The process is long and can be quite painful (when you are red-eyed at 2 a.m and staring at your laptop while on a holiday, it can best be described as painful) but it is all worth it in the end!

     8. Do you face the writer’s block and how do you overcome it?

There are days when I just don’t want to write and I don’t. Because it is not my job, I do not like to work under pressure here. I write when I truly want to and I think that is why I enjoy doing this so much.

     9. Finally, a piece of advice you would like to give to new authors who want to follow your footsteps?

Persistence and disciple are keys in this field. You would be surprised that it is these two qualities I am pointing out to in a field as creative as this, but it is true. Just keep at it. Do not give up. If you have seen the dream, you have the capability to fulfil it. Never forget that!

      10. How much time you devote to writing? Final words to your fans on the latest offering.

I work on my books pretty much every day. However, that is simply because I really enjoy writing. Sometimes, I start writing at 10 p.m and do not stop till 3 a.m in the morning and, on other days, I might end up with just a few words.

Final words- please go out, buy the book and read it! I really hope that the readers will enjoy the book! It has the warmth that comes from a romance. It will have you in splits and it might make you tear up. Happy reading!

With Love




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  1. “Book version of a Bollywood movie” – hmm, MUST read, although I am not a fan of SRK 😉 hehehe

    Thanks for introducing us to an awesome Indian author, Vishal #HUGSS

    Ruchita is gorgeous, inside-out 😉

    Much love

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