100 Words on Saturday: ‘The Writing Dilemma’

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‘The Writing Dilemma’

I vow to stop writing forever and throw away manuscripts and newspaper columns bearing by-lines. I am shattered and just deleted my blogs. After all, I am not cut off for writing after the hate mails, slanderous attacks on my mighty pen. I  penned my resignation letter which I hand to Madam editor after she shows me the hate mails on my latest Sunday column. She tears off my resignation letter that leaves me flabbergasted.  She flings a print out on my face, ‘that’s better’ :

If you can’t annoy somebody, there is little point in writing.

― Kingsley Amis





  1. Negative feedback can be damaging to one’s confidence but I liked the way you took the story to a positive angle. We must write from the heart, then, eventually, it won’t matter if others approve or disapprove of it.

  2. What a great piece on such a powerful quote Vishal! I was hoping this wasn’t a true story and sorry to hear it is partially. I do hope you keep writing nevertheless as it’s so important for us to express our truth to the world. There is usually at least one soul who can relate. I agree with Uma in that if we write from the heart – my interpretration, be true to ourself – then it won’t matter if others like or not, agree or disagree. Stay strong and keep writing! 🙂❤

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