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World Suicide Prevention Day 2014: It’s Not Just a Story

‘It’s Not Just a Story’

I  just made it in time at CST Station to hop on the jam-packed train from Hyderabad, stopping at Mumbai, to reach  my final stop in Pune. It was 10 p.m. I was travelling second class in utter chaos where there was hardly any space to rest my feet, decked in my black Woodlands boots. My eyes stumble on a pretty and attractive young lady sitting on the berth, shedding tears. I wanted to ask her if things are alright but it would look weird to approach a stranger in a train. I thought, ‘Better let her be. This too shall pass and she will find happiness in life.’

Her phone rings. I hear her shouting on the phone and finally broke down. My heart went to her and wondered on the fallacy of human life. Her words still echoes in my soul, ‘Now, I know what I need to do. Perhaps, it is better for both of us. I can’t take it anymore. The mess, the money woes. The last thing I need to do is to start begging in this crowded train.’ Commuters pretend to be shocked and embarrassed, some turning their faces away while other looked at her with contempt. I only hope that she doesn’t do anything stupid.

Suddenly, I saw the young woman dashing towards the door and jumped out of the speeding train on the track at Lonavla. This created an uproar in the train and some passengers pulled the chain. The train slowly rattled and stopped. The poor girl finally found peace and was found dead on the railway track. Strange are the ways of life. What I feared the most became true. It left me wondering how this beautiful girl didn’t have anyone to speak to, share her griefs and whether she would kill herself had she spoken to someone close to her. Or, she could have cooled her heels.




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Today September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. This piece of fiction is written with the aim of spreading awareness on the problem of suicide that affect millions in the world. Like many I feel that we need to be connected and that it matters a lot. We must avoid judging people, casting aspersions on their characters and be ready to listen to the ones going through moral tribulation. The sad fact is that many people going through mental and emotional trauma lack a strong emotional support who will listen to them without judging their actions. One should never shy away from asking for help and we should never hesitate from helping the ones we know who are undergoing mental, physical and emotional fatigue. Speak out for it matters. Let them Speak out for we may be saving lives. Always be alert and pay heed to someone’s signs that things are not going the right way.

For more information on suicide prevention, check out the link:

Check out this article on Huffington Post on a family that lost their young son to suicide:

This post on World Suicide Prevention Day is linked to initiative’s 100 Voices for Suicide Prevention campaign and Voices For Suicide Prevention #suicideprevention

PS: The above story is 100 per cent fiction.





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