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Your favourite internet friend

Your favourite internet friend

Dear Google!

How much I love yaa! I hate dividing my love and attention between you and this gal called Facebook. I am sure you must be basking in your own glory as you see me, directing all my love and undivided attention,  to you. See! The FB Mistress was getting too boring yet I was besotted to her charm. One fine day, I told her, ‘Babe! Enough is enough. Let’s go for a break before hitting it over and over again.’ It’s been three weeks minus FB. I am happy, enjoying my space in this world, not so free of internet love.

Chill! Google! Stop doing the parody of love and romance. You know! This post is not just about you! You made friendships happen and I may not be able to shut you down, you know that. You are an awesome matchmaker, you know that! The least I can do for you is to sprinkle your soul with some love.  See! I can be gentle, at times.  You hold the power to our secrets, clandestine meet like the cave man burying secrets, love-shuv kinda talk on your thing called G-Chat and Google Talk. What a preening eye, you have, O” shameless creature!

So, you really know my fave internet friend, M with whom I would talk endlessly about any kinda crap, ranging from chocolates to chicks. college, films and Mumbai. Yeah, we go gossip itna that I suddenly started calling her my internet girlfriend. Cheesy lines, Arre Bhagwan! I am too much na, Google. Makes me wonder what pushes me to keep hurling such kinda crap to destroy humanity. Sugary sugary mushy kinda stuff to spread human cruelty, the Love Jihad may start accusing me of! Tauba! Tauba! Google-ji! Chup Chaap!

M! The cute chick loves taking the crown of being the sweetest, right from college to our silly Sin (ful) and harmless chat. Remember, how she valiantly fought with me for ignoring her hotness quotient coz I, somehow, gave the crown to her friend. Cat-fight, Google! How I was made the victim, torn between the fury of two chicks. You must be laughing at my helplessness, poor Me!!

Yeah! The day we would sit still through the night, surrounded by the Arabian sea and Indian Ocean, Saat Samundar Par, chatting over almost any non-sensical yet lyrical stuff. As they would call it, silly bantering, cribbing on why life is throwing lemonades at us. Or, secretly debating on alternate career we could have got ourselves we were not planning to turn into encounter specialist a la Dand Nayak or supari wala (Contract killers) emulating the moves of Dawood. Now, Google-Bhai, I warn you of plotting against us. What would we do without you, Google? The very thought sends the chill down the spine. Phone is too expensive, emails are cliche! Your chat service is epic to us Bhatke hue Paanchi!

Haha! Tell you what, Mr Google! We don’t chat itna like we used to be like crazy immortals from some other planet. So, we blowing balloons on your face now you know very less bout’ our secrets. See! M is busy with her boyfriend and work! Well! Me too! So, you wanna play detective to get our secrets! Try on. Lagey Raho (Keep it up).



This post is written as part of Day 8 and my number 8 Post, ‘Your favorite internet friend’ as I go back from last post Day 29 to Day 8 for the selected letters for 30-day-Letter Challenges.

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