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The person you know that is going through the worst of times

I am participating in the 30 Day Letter Challenge. Today, is post no.5 for my selected posts as part of the challenge, ‘The Person You Know That is Going Through The Worst of Times’ for Day 25. It’s a true account on someone who is going through the worse phase of her life and hope she finds respite in this crazy and ruthless world.

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The person you know that is going through the worst of times

That’s what I like about meeting people. Being in the habit of getting peeved too easily and hitting at the fact that I am not getting a fair deal in life, someone may just open up to you to share her troubles. Trust me, it’s an education to meet such beings who make you realize that your troubles is nothing in comparison to what they face. I wonder how they deal with so much pain, physical and verbal aggression.

Few days back, I met this outspoken lady from India and it’s always lovely to meet an Indian when we are out of our country. In fact, next-door Uncle who is a lawyer is helping her a lot and he introduced me to her. She narrated her story on how she married a sicko who dragged her out of the house and beaten her so mercilessly. She was beaten black-and-blue and dragged on the street, in front of people. Even her mother-in-law didn’t say anything to the psycho son. She tells that the husband left her in the lurch. She obtained a court ruling, ‘Protection Order’ that the moron doesn’t have the right to approach her.

What’s worse is that she is out of job and dunno how to make both ends to meet to pay the rent next month. She is surviving on some money sent from India and some assets that she sold back home. She worked at some shop, mind you, owned by some Indians, who are settled in our part of the world, as an assistant, paying her peanuts and exploiting her. They made her lift heavy boxes. She is desperately searching for a decent job since two years and, unfortunately, she is not find anything.

How I wish I could help her! I gave her some reference last time where she can apply and try her luck in securing a job. That’s the least I could have done for her since I am also in a catch-22 situation. But, my situation is not was worse as what the lady is going through. The sad fact is that no one wants to help. One can imagine how tough it must be for her, facing the trauma of fighting a court case, handling the pressure of this crazy family, threatening her and cops refusing to take her statements since the ex-husband has some relatives working as cops. A tale of a system, outside India, in a country where so many people of Indian origin live, gone terribly wrong. I’ve lived in this country which is out of India and it makes me wonder the problems that we Indians face, getting sarcastically to blame India as the worse country. I mean, corruption and violence can happen in many parts of the globe.

This made me realize that I am whining about life when someone is  going through her worst tribulation and I can only hope that she gets relief, finding light at the end of the tunnel. My life is a kinda mess right now and I am working at a place where we, people, are exploited as we are sweating our blood. Tis too shall pass and pray for the lady to get out of the shit.







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20 thoughts on “The person you know that is going through the worst of times

  1. Sorry to learn of the lady, Vishal.
    Sad when such things happen. is humanity dead?
    Why are women treated so?
    Do hope & pray she emerges stronger & as a winner out of this terrible situation…

  2. Hi Vishal, I find your article very well written and sad, considering its contents. You really moved me with this woman’s story and I also hope things will get better for her soon. The post is a good one for the 30 Day Letter Challenge. Take care, Michelle

  3. Indeed Vishal. We get so sucked into our troubles that we forget there are people who suffer far more. Sorry to hear about that lady. Hope she feels better and manages to find a way out of the mess soon.

  4. It is a universal truth my friend. . We indians never help a fellow indian in distress..there are a few good people like you who do. .

    Paying pea nuts for jobs is our speciality.. my cousin here is working with a indian builder who pays him 3 to 4 pounds an hour.. and makes him work 12 hours shift..
    National minimum pay is around 6..

    My dad use to tell me when I got frustrated that look at world there are more who are worse off then you.. thank god with what you have and continue working hard to get more…

    My prayers for the lady..and for you tooo vishal take care and this too shall passs..

    1. While I do agree that there are many who are so less reluctant to help, I feel that it can happen in any country, not just an Indian phenomenon. Yeah, I am working for peanuts and they are playing the exploitative game and its so frustration how they are twisting the law. I am holding for another month and see how things unfurl itself. Thanks for joining me in the prayer for the lady. I am also applying to various places and hopefully, I get something better in a month:)
      Thanks loads:)

  5. So sorry to read about her. I hope she comes out of her troubles soon. I would pray she does. You are right. We are so engrossed in our little things that we cant even imagine others fighting huge battles with life every single day. May she find strength to fight it out !!

    1. Me too, Jyotsna. I mean, I don’t know her personally and I met her once. I have realized that we need to cherish what we have and we need to fight every day. I hope she finds strength to fight her inner demons and this ruthless world.

  6. Sad and true …..I have seen it happening outside other than India but what I witnessed is women are much safe in the hands of law in foreign countries compared to India. Hope she finds strength and fight back.

    1. Hmm! Depends.. I mean, we like to bash our own country and agree that things may not be extraordinary right now in India. But, there are also cases where women are ill treated in foreign countries like those laws in the part of world I am living. I do agree that US and UK have good laws protecting women and, yeah, India needs to take a holistic approach and tough legislation to protect women.

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