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Dear Someone I judged By Their First Impression


Day 21 of First things first, I am not a regular at the challenge and I had no inkling of posting Day 21 on Day 24. After reading Shail’s post (, it proved to be the defining moment since memories flooded with my mind on how I misjudged a class mate who is such a good friend today. I feel Shail’s interaction is, somehow, a coincidence when I judged my dear friend. I will try to keep it short and avoid the flooding of emotions which is so typical ME.

It’s written as part of Written for the 30 Days 30 Letters prompt. Note, I am not doing the write up for 30 Days but for selected posts.


Dear Someone I Judged by their First Impression

Rebellious streak, short hair, outspoken and gypsy! That’s your trade mark, S! In second year, way back in 2004, we were plain strangers in college campus yet we were class mates. You came from Delhi to Pune. Not that I have a problem with your personal traits! I loove the rebellious qualities in human beings since I believe in being who we are and not live according to stupid rules.

I wonder why we couldn’t click and missed out on everything. Yet! I am happy we clicked towards the end of college days. I somehow didn’t like what happened on 1st January 2004 because I was stupid. Yeah! I’ve been stupid. How we became fond of each other as super awesome friends is another funny story. What happened exactly on 31st December at Midnight for our SYBA class ka party?

I was sloshed after downing just three pegs of Vodka mixed with Orange juice. I wasn’t having Vodka but Orange juice in my mind. See, I have a sweet tooth which compelled me to down three pegs in less than 30 minutes. Haha! But, that’s me. I had a crush on G and suddenly became so jealous, when G was dancing with someone else. I felt rejected and dejected. How I hated it!

Come First January 2005! Waking up with a baaad hangover and sipping coffee for the rest of the day in the company of Adi, the best friend, and people. I felt that I had a heart break, owing to jealous mind wrecking havoc on me. Of course. S! Everything is so unrelated to you. In the afternoon, I took a long walk on Fergusson College Road, our alma mater, I saw you sitting with K, the gay guy, I had a certain dislike for-not because he is gay but he is provocative and ends bitching about every one and saying the wrong things. I saw K pointing at my direction and you were laughing, while looking at me. I thought that you were making fun of me. I felt so bad. Hence, I had a certain dislike, but not hate, for you. We crossed each other’s gaze at a common friend’s party and I didn’t say Hi to you. At the times, you were working at Pune Times, you had to meet some of us for a story. I didn’t came. They convinced me you are such a nice gal, well read, intelligent and well spoken. I didn’t relent though I knew you had those qualities.

Then, one day, you met with an accident and you were hurt on your head. Somehow, I was conscious of how bad it is for someone who fell from the bike. It could have been ME. When I saw you at ‘Savera’ our college gateway, I asked how you doing. You smiled! We broke the ice, became friends, laughed together and smoked a lot. I am happy, I made the effort to speak to you. You are a gem of a person. I had the best of times in the remaining days at college or the time we partied hard at Colaba, boozing at Monde or SFX. You saw me through my terrible break up. I saw you through the worst of times and one thing I can say S is that I am very proud of you. You are destined to achieve extraordinary things in life and you are already half-way girl. Whizz kid! Keep rocking.

I totally love you for who you are. I call you my lil’ Star.

Lesson: Never judge someone on first impression. I’ve been judged, I know, and I will be because it’s natural tendency in the world. But, I am happy things changed for us.

Loads of Love



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12 thoughts on “Dear Someone I judged By Their First Impression

  1. Aren’t we all victim of judgement…when someone else judge us…we feel like killing that person…but in the very next moment we start judging someone else…good read Vishal 😀

    1. I think we all tend to judge at some point. There have been several such occasions when we judged people owing to generalizations. It’s very human, I agree and learned my lessons.

      1. You know I am working very hard since few…to try not to judge anyone…now I don’t judge anyone in my college…but sometimes on rare occasions I can’t help it…I think because of human tendency to judge 🙂

  2. Nice that things worked out and you are now friends. I always think people are nice, and then later on it turns out they aren’t so nice after all. I guess it happens both ways 🙂

    1. I agree with u, Shail. There have been instances where I thought some were nice but who turned out real bad. Sometimes, I wonder whether I should trust people and am quite wary to some!!
      Thanks for stopping by:)

    1. Agree. I’m guilty about those and yeah, there are times when first impression make last ones, good impression turn out to be bad and bad ones become good. A tale of entangled web:)

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