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Dear S’

Count Santulan of ( is hosting the 30 Day Letter Challenge. Since I am not taking part in the daily challenge, the post is written on Day 11: A Deceased person you wish you could talk to. People! It’s no fiction. A letter to a friend, a soul mate, a guide, brother and one of the biggest rock star I’ve known in my life. The feeling is true and what is written is my personal experience, things that I do. Yeah! We speak when my friend S visits during his annual pilgrimage to this place called earth. I am grateful that S lives forever and lucky that I can speak to him. Believe is thy word. Believe in the beauty of existence beyond the realm of physics. So, I am not really speaking to a deceased person but someone living in a world, free from suffering and attachment.

A personal letter! I couldn’t believe that I came out with this one, barring the soul to the world. A humble request: If you cannot understand the soulful connection beyond life-and-death, refrain from making comments reeking of bad taste. As usual, criticisms and healthy discussions are welcomed. But, no hitting below the belt.

Btw, you can learn more about the challenge on:


Dear S,

I am finding it weird, pouring my heart with this letter on this public forum called blog. I’ve always been bad with expressing myself and the thing called emotion. I wonder whether this letter is real coz we converse  in real when you visit me in August. A brother-in-arms. You remember how we bonded big time in the 2006 Monsoon. Shit! It’s already eight years now. I just can’t fucking believe you are in another world, beyond the metaphysics that we human beings are made of.

Life can be a bitch, I know!  It was you who christened me, ‘Bachchan’. You asked me, who is my favorite hero? I said, AB. Everyone calls me, Bachchan and till now, I’m called Bachchan. Bonding over coffee, smoke and chatting endlessly about girls at Savera, in front of Fergusson College. I remember the first dash of Monsoon when you asked, “Bachchan, Daaru piyega.’ I dumbly said, “Baarish ho raha hai. You said, “Aise Mauke pe Daaru peena. We drunk to glory at Namaste. It is sending chill down my spine.

I still remember the scrap on Orkut in September sent by Koko, “You must have heard the bad news about S….He was swept by the water at Khadakwasla Dam.’ It was unbelievable. Till today, the conversations we had about movies and almost anything that matters seem like yesterday only. We’ve known each other for few months yet it seems like it’s been ages. There are certain relationships that makes for a life time memory. You are the ultimate rock star, a brother. You must be smiling reading this letter. I know, you must be rocking the scene with the Paari in your world. Yes! You introduced me to Osho and spirituality.

This letter doesn’t make sense to me. You know why? You always make me feel your presence every year when you visit at that time of the year. I can feel your presence when you sit around, the chill, reminding me of your presence. Why do you always come in August every year? Every time, we talk and yeah, may be, I am chatting to an ‘invisible’ you, your soul spreading the vibes in the atmosphere. I can’t help the feeling. I know you are here. It’s my personal experience. Some may call me delusional but I know it’s between us. You know it, better. Who cares what they think?

When the going gets tough, I always tell you, ‘Boss, kuch chakar chalao upar.’ It’s soothing and peaceful at the same time. It makes me serene as a person. I know you are here right now.  We are not chatting right now and let’s sit in silence. We shall speak very soon coz I know you will keep coming. The Orkut message we leave on your profile. By the way, I just joined a new place at work and I am looking back to be in Pune for good in few years. I know you can work wonder for me. What is the purpose of your visit?

So, you see, this letter is so redundant. We meet and talk at some point every year. I can feel the presence of your soul. I am not writing to the dead but a soul who lives forever. Dude! What do you do there?

Chal! Now the bloggers know about our real conversation now. Let them rack their brains. I always wanted to write this letter. I introduce you to count Santualan hosting the prompt and people, say Hi to S. He is clapping his hands. Dude! Do you still have this unkempt classic look beard and pony tail.

Cya soon during our conversation.

Never say good bye, Friends forever. We shall meet some day and party hard.




Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

16 thoughts on “Dear S’

  1. It’s so hard to lose a friend like that Vishal. I’ve heard that a person truly dies only when no one takes his or her name anymore. You’ve kept S alive.

  2. Vishal my friend that is a beautiful letter and i am sure wherever “S” is he has read it toooo .. I can understand the pain, my best friend Anupinder singh mann left us all a few years back when he had a accident during his sky dive.

    one day i will see him again , and that day we will sit and drink the bottles dry while he tells me and sings the ghalib sher’s

    some friends we will never forget as they are in our heart always all the time ..

    God bless you my friend

    1. It’s always sad, I know to lose someone like that. But, what matters is that they are always with us. Yeah, we will all sit and finish the bottles, I shall meet him, making him recite Ghalib Sher to me as always. Thanks Bikramjit:)

  3. I get it totally man. Losing a friend if like losing a life you created with them. I am feeling sad right now…like real sad. You still feel him around and that’s really a great thing. Connected souls never let physical bodies get in between.
    Say my “Hi” whenever you guys meet again. 🙂

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