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Dear ex-girl friend

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Dear ex-girl friend,

Time heals everything. I wonder how everything disappears like dust out of thin air. They often say, time never stop for everyone. Who gave us the belief that things would remain standstill for both of us. I am finding it weird to write this letter to you and this time, it’s no love letter just a plain and impersonal one. The passionate sms-es and talks surely belongs to another era.

We met and fall in love. I remember how you walked to me, one Mumbai summer, at the Rajabhai Tower library at Fort, asking for sharpener. You are the most beautifully creature made by God. We became friends, fell in love and broke up. I will not reflect on by-gones, the time you nodded to the wish of your parents of getting hitched to a stranger. Yeah! It took me a long time to get out of this relationship. I cried and felt that my world came crashing down. But, it’s none of your business and you cannot take the blame of what I was doing. The meaningless direction my life was taking and getting drunk every single day, nursing break up. It was shit!

I want you to know that at some point in life, you meant the world to me. Even today, you mean a lot to me. You changed me as a person, offered me perspective in life and taught me the essence of a good human being. Our relationship was not just love, lust and intimacy but moved beyond the realm of physicality and chemistry of two human bodies. How I wish you knew that you came into my life as an angel that made me a better person!

The bright smile adorning your face is still vivid in my life and your cute voice saying Hi is still ringing in the backyard of my head and heart. It feels as if it was yesterday only. I’ve told you so many times how beautiful and divine you look in Black Salwar. You are the beautiful creation of your Almighty, Allah. It was a complex relationship, I know! We belong to two different religions. Yet, I thought we could make things work between us. But, I guess certain things are not meant to be. You are the first girl I loved like crazy. I made you the center of my life where the world didn’t matter at all. You meant the world to me. The few months we were together was a life time experience and made me feel that we knew each other for ages.

Do I have complaints against you? I mean, I should be ranting about so many things. But, then, I don’t feel the need to. After all, it’s been six years now and I feel very happy in my world. I don’t miss you and may be, you don’t mean anything to me, now. See, relationships are so complex and alters over time. There was a time, I felt that my world was so incomplete without you and that I can never be the same person. It doesn’t go without saying that you defined me as a person. Yeah! I loved and lost. But, I am happy to lose. Why? It doesn’t hurt my ego at all.

I felt that there are so many things that you would keep to yourself and your silence on things were killing me. You had two minds, confused and unclear what you wanted to do with your life. I wanted you to be my strength but you couldn’t do so. Why? It infuriated me as a person since I was ready to fight the world for both of us. Your silence and going totally blank was making me so angry. I mean, how can you be like that? Trying to play the selfless lover, not wanting me to be hurt. Come on! It’s not something that’s in your hands. Anyways, it doesn’t make a difference now.

Let me confess: Once, I gleaned through your FB profile and saw your picture, perched on a tree. I was wrong. The smile on your face didn’t disappear and I am glad to see you are happy in your new life.

Thanks for the moments spent together, the laughs and fight.

Stay beautiful, as always.




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19 thoughts on “Dear ex-girl friend

  1. True story? Regardless, sounds like to make her the ex was a right decision – If the smile never disappears even if you aren’t around, then I’m sad to say, it may not have been meant to be 🙂 Stay optimistic my friend.

    1. Yeps Sid. A relationship that wasn’t meant to be. Nah woh bewafa thi na hum bewafa thi..kya kaare kismet ne Saath nahin diya. Ah, I see ur point, friend. I didn’t opt out hehe I was booted out. Thanks loads n spread the cheeez:)

  2. Vishal I can feel you pain and agony,which you must have felt when the relationship, which meant every thing to you did not materialise. I however appreciate your approach,”nah woh bewafa thi……”

    1. It was quite painful coz I have invested so much, a part of myself in this relationship. I believed that no one should be blamed and sometimes destiny plays spoilsport. Thanks for dropping, Ma’am:)

  3. Heartbreakingly Beautiful Vishal. Relationships come and sweep us off our feet, shower us with joy , gives life a new meaning. But when it goes, it takes away your soul. Only time can do the magic! Am glad it did ! 🙂

  4. Vishal, true story – my goodness. But you crossed that bridge. And every person has a role to play in our lives. Cliched I know but true. And you remember her that way, no blaming, no shaming, just respect and valuing what she added to you – you have my respect here.
    Maybe you will get an insight into something similar from my recent post
    Hang on, every time you turn a page, there is a new one behind it. And when the book is over, it is not yet over for a transition is in store. 🙂

    1. Hey! Thanks a lot and it’s not my story but my imagination running wild. Woah! I love how you added expression to the post in terms of value, respect and honor, Senstive and very beautiful:) Have an amazing week:)

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