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Friendship Day: Strumming the heart beats


Tiny dots and microscopic creatures spread in the earth, embedded in mud;

Fresh life enthused in the creatures as they are given shape to grow as beautiful humans capable of loving;

Connected by a universal circle, joys, sorrows, griefs and happiness felt by hearts huddled together;

We are stranger,

yet we  hear the beats in our hearts strung together;

Friendship is a gift of togetherness and a journey to be experienced;

We laugh together, cry on each other shoulders and love to no end;

Passion is thy name,

as we tie a band on each other’s wrist to strengthen the bond shared over time;

At times, we may turn our faces away from each other,

but our hearts crave for the presence of souls that mean the world to us;

With time, the tiny elastic thread may lose its grip on us,

nevertheless,  the love and memories remain etched forever in our hearts;

Singing the song of love and friendship, we swear to the signals felt by our inner feelings,

as we connect with each other at a higher level of consciousness;

Scattered in different parts of the globe and being strangers to each other’s world,

we never fail to pay heed to the signal of the heart-beat where we find each other;

It’s pure bliss;

We have never met each other and may be will never share a cup of coffee together this life time…

Our heart knows that we mean a lot to each other;

Our hearts are weaved together by a greater power,

the power of love, togetherness and life.

Happy Friendship Day


Wish all of you folks a very Happy Friendship Day. This poem is dedicated to all the souls I’ve met in my life whether it’s in college or my blog or FB/Twitter dosts who, at some point or another, were strangers to my life. Today, they mean a lot to me. Yeah! Some of you I’ve never met but we became such great friends and I feel we have a connection beyond the materialistic quest. Thanks you for making memories of a life time with me.

Friendship Day is celebrated the first Sunday in August every year. Today, August 3, wish all of you a very Happy Friendship Day.

With Love






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

18 thoughts on “Friendship Day: Strumming the heart beats

      1. Awww,,,thank you dear…I really never thought I will write about her…but I did and thought of sharing it with you guys…I have lost some goods friends…I hope hamari dosti ko kisi ki nazar na lage 😀

      2. I know!! Losing good friends can make us sullen over time or cherish the very few ones that we have. Respect for writing about Veda:) Your friendship will always be blessed.

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