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My Gratitude List

Count your blessings not your sorrows


You are beaten to death by the unexpected circumstances, life’s own twists and turns flung on the emasculated you by some secret powers. Suddenly, you feel that life has abruptly stopped making sense and there is no ‘fucking’ light at the end of tunnel. It’s a labyrinth of sort where hope is slowly disappearing and everything hangs loose on a fading show to make the heart content.

It’s the time when you feel that you are stuck in darkness and abandon your dreams as well as aspirations by running away like a coward. It’s too much to take as one ca’tn help feel that perhaps the best thing is to let go of everything. Better drop dead. Quite surprisingly when you have already accepted defeat, an aha moment unfurl itself like magic to re-ignite the belief in you. Trust me, it’s a magical moment when something tells you dreaming of something extraordinary is no delusion but the sixth sense gently strikes the heart with a power packed shot.

When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.’


The gang on Facebook came up with a gratitude list when I was tagged not once but four times by the amazing friends to make things happen. It’s a gratitude chain where you have to list three best thing that happened for five days and tag three persons on every single day. It taught me one thing: Never look at the negative side of life when you are in the dump and behind the worst, rough weather playing havoc with your life, there is a bigger thing hiding beneath. Cherish the good and wonderful moments in life.


1. Simple things like sipping a cutting chai at the tapdi in the heavy monsoon makes my day. I love the feeling of droplets of rain making a splash in my cuppa tea. The best feeling in the world as I gulp the tea. Jiyo dil se! I so miss the feeling since I am not in India, right now.

2. A smile can make a day gone horribly wrong be the most memorable moment on earth. The cute girl flashing her million dollar smile out of the blue can make your heart dance its way to heaven. Killer smile..dil todne wali machine:)

3. When someone pours a genuine compliment telling you are a good human being and that he or she loves your blog makes me grateful forever. I remember last time one of the most amazing and super talented blogger left a comment on my novella, ‘An Orkut Love Story’ for UBC Challenge that my story has the power to grip readers. It’s such a huge high.


4. When I get an unexpected call from a friend that I haven’t met for a long time, it makes me ooze with confidence and happiness. It’s such an aha feeling. Or, when a blogger friend pinge me on FB telling we haven’t connected for a very long times, it makes me grateful to everything beautifully showered by life.

5. When many of my FB friends, uploads happy pictures with their cute bundle of joys, read their kids smiling, it spreads so much joy, happiness and positive vibes around. Trust me, it’s such small joys that can reach out to you when you need it the most. May be, they don’t realize but such happy, innocent smiles can bring such energy in my life, flashing light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Friends are friends, online or otherwise, they are friends. I have met so many fabulous souls on the blog and Facebook where we chat, connecting with each other. Pep talks, heart warming chats are such a emotional high for me. I remember once I wasn’t sure about a rather tough decision I wanted to make for the future, pinged Garima and we talked endlessly like lost & found buddies.  It was one of our first chat and in a matter of minutes, the problem was solved.

7. A love that wasn’t meant to be. A heart break that almost sunk me into depression and it took me a long time to get out of this relationship. But, as I look back, no matter how painful the relationship cum break up was, she changed me a lot as a person. She taught me what it takes to be a good human being and I was amazed how she would go out of the way to treat everyone with respect, be it the chai-walla or sales person at West Side by asking their name. I am grateful to S for giving me a fresh perspective in life.

8. Being grateful means loving yourself as a person. Though it’s a good thing to make your surrounding happy and going out of the way to please people, you should never lose your individuality, personal identity. What matters is being happy for the self. It may be seen as selfish but if you cannot make yourself happy, how can you make others happy!

9. I am grateful for meeting so many amazing people on the blog who reads my work, take the pain to post a comment and drop in a private message to tell me what went wrong, how I can improve my writing. Or, the super talented bloggers whose works I read and share, they teach me so much about life and how I can improve my writing. Just reading them is an education.


Love you all.

Gratitude for me also means, Every Cloud has a Silver Lining.

Keep believing in life.

Lotsa love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

16 thoughts on “My Gratitude List

  1. This is quite a list, Vishal! Inspiring indeed. We really have so many big and small things to be grateful for. May we always be able to see or at least sense the light even in the midst of our darkest hours. A very good post!

  2. Wonderful post, Vishal!
    I agree with every word.
    My list is pretty similar!
    May we have lots of reasons to be grateful!

  3. Started my day with this FEEL-GOOD post…Been undergoing a lot of problems…
    This post gave me a little confidence to face the problem though not solution to the problem…
    Thanks a lot for this post!!!!

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