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Remembering our Kargil martyrs on Vijay Diwas

Tears of a helpless and wailing mother losing her son to the war as she cries her heart out.

Battered and bruised,

the wife expresses pride and sadness as her brave husband sacrifice his life in the war,

so that the whole country sleep peacefully at night.

The soldier, limping his way, as he braves the storm and climb the uphill task to put the flag of his country on top.

The Indian tri-color fluttering high in the sky as the nation bow to it.


Suffering gun shots piercing the heart, the mighty soldier sacrifices his soul for the nation.

Lest we forget!

The indomitable spirit of our war soldiers, braving excruciating heat and surviving on morsels, drop of water, to fight for their land.

A nation that sleep well at night, knowing their guardian angels is standing like a rock at the border to protect their lives.

Our martyr,

how often we think of them and their sacrifice for the nation?

We remember them once in a year!

Yet, their valiance and patriotism are sung by their country folks.

Our forgotten heroes!

How we make their spouses and children from pillar from post to claim their rights!

Lest we forget!

Taking a bullet  and fighting for the country like roaring tigers.

A moment of pride for the nation as their bodies lay cold in the war zone and their sacrifice remain etched in our memories.

Our Kargil heroes!

Yes, we remember their sacrifice for the nation.

Today is Vijay Diwas and we celebrate our Indian soldiers.

Jai Hind.

This poem is a small tribute to our martyr, our soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Kargil War. Today, July 26 salutes our Kargil war heroes on 15th Vijay Diwas (Victory Day)





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8 thoughts on “Remembering our Kargil martyrs on Vijay Diwas

  1. Vishal, Thanks for this post helping me to remember those martyrs , soldiers. Thanks to you, I could spend few moments for those souls in the otherwise busy life (!). Yes, we take our security for granted and fortunate for that when compared to folks in middle east and other countries. It was a touching post and I commend you for this. Sorry as I am not able to cope up with all your posts lately.

  2. A wonderful tribute, Vishal.
    Great that you shared this.
    We can never repay their sacrifice…
    Wish there were no wars…

    1. Thanks Anita. Small tribute to the Kargil Heroes and one really hopes that no war is steered so that innocent lives are not lost on both sides of the border, whether Indian or Pakistani. We are bound by love and human emotions.

  3. I was just reading another piece on Vijay Diwas and I commented on how it made me nostalgic for the refreshment boxes we got during school celebrations for Independence Day. And now, after reading your post, the nostalgia has multiplied. 🙂

    1. I know you must be missing the whole joy and experience that I am alien about. But, remember special treat in hostel for Independence and Republic Day in Mumbai…a feast with huge thali and mithai..sumptuous meal to celebrate freedom.

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