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Wordless Wednesday #44

Wordless Wednesday #44


This picture was taken at the college hang out, Savera, opposite Fergusson College, in Pune which was my favorite where we made memories with friends, spending the whole day sharing tea. Unfortunately, the place has closed down where memories were buried. Though, I am not in India, I still feel sad that the place, my favorite, is no longer up.


This picture was taken on Jan 1, 2012 during my first visit to Goa at Palolem Beach. It gotta be one of my favorite place in Goa and the place is so peacefully serene.


It’s the canteen of the best college in Pune, Fergusson College, my Alma Mater. I hardly been to canteen during my three years and two or thrice I must have popped in. But, they serve awesome tea.

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16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #44

  1. I think India was the first place I started drinking tea. Sitting on the trains, pulling into a station: ‘Chai! Chai!’ went the call. Nightmare trying to get it without sugar.

    Those photos look so like some photos I have of Elephanta (Mumbai).

    Where are you now then?

    1. Ya! In India,tea is available at the drop of a hat…yeps sugarless chai is a luxury though some places do offer..haha! U never had tea before in UK?
      Right now, I am in Mru but need to get out within the next two years..looking at Emirates and Qatar:)

  2. Seeing this huge glass of tea, I feel like having one now too, considering I plan to read for some more time 🙂

  3. tumne mujhe meri canteen ki yaad dila di, V 🙂

    those days were wonderful na, life was simple and even that cuppa tea used to be studded with diamonds 🙂

    Apologize for commenting late and thanking you for linking up!

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