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Final and last chapter (8): Love, Break up and Coffee

Hi folks,

My apologies! I know you’ve waited long enough for last and final chapter of the mini rom-com novella, ‘Love, Coffee and Dating.’ and must be fuming. I am aware that after reading the first seven chapters and taking long to write the last one can kill the interest cum losing the grip as well as freshness in your mind. I am really sorry since I’ve been stuck with the Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2014 where I am blogging for 31 days and I took the new job. It can be taxing, trust me. Here, coming with the conclusion for the novella and hope you’ll like it. As usual, looking for honest and critical feedback.


Love, Break Up and Coffee

Chapter 8:

Band, Bajaa and Bandook (Marriage at Gun point)

I have one week to win over Anumrita’s heart and steal her right under the nose of Mr Money Bags. I stopped attending film shoots and staying in the apartment, listening to mushy romantic songs, turning into modern day Devdas, gulping bottles of Whisky. My life is in a mess and growing a beard, unkempt hair making me look horrible. In my desperation, I visited prostitutes and I was almost roughed up black-and-blue by the pimps and one of the prostitutes called me, ‘Napunsak’ (Impotent). One women wearing big pouts and huge bindi, called me , ‘Bharwe.’ I didn’t visit the brother to have sex but to narrate my sob story about love, break-up and Anumrita ditching me for a filthy rich asshole.

It’s the eve of Anumrita wedding to Mr Big Shot aka Money Bag. I make several frantic calls to Anumrita throughout the day and I am feeling terrible and boiling with anger since Madam is either not replying to my calls or messages and cutting  me off. How ruthless! Finally, she responds to the 106 calls, 86 messages past midnight. “Listen, my sangeet is going on and managed to sneak in to call you back, by standing on the balcony. Are you aware that I am getting married tomorrow?,” She shouted.

I was almost on the verge of tears and ask, “Why do you need to get married to this asshole kinda Mr Money Bags.”

“Sam!! Shut up, yaar. Please understand that I am tying the knot, yaar. Go and get a life for fuck sake. Please don’t do anything stupid and I am sure you’ll get someone better. I don’t deserve you.

How I hate it! When girls turn into characters baked by Ekta Kapoor…I don’t deserve’ll find someone better. How I wish Tania was with me but she told me, she is on a mission to save my love and I gotta thank her with a smooch. My head is exploding with alcohol gulped inside and feel I am in a tailspin.

“Anumrita, I l-o-v-e y-o-u, one last time, let’s meet, please, please?”, I plead before breaking down.

“Are you drunk, Sam?” She ask. “Ok! Fine! One last time,” She said, showing sign of irritation.


Anumrita retreated to her room and walk past the horde of loud guests dancing, singing and indulging in free flow of alcohol. She needs a rest and slouches on the sofa and after a while, overheard a loud noise which seems like an explosion and passionate arguments, her Mom and Dad shouting at the groom’s father. She jump out of the bed in her red saree and jewellery when Tania’s pal Karan, stood in front of her, forcefully pressed a white handkerchief on her mouth. She felt dizzy and passed out.

I was waiting outside Anumrita house, waiting for Tania, who run out of the house, brandishing a revolver at my temple. “What the fuck?”, I am horrified. She pushes me inside the Black SUV and ordered the driver to speed up. I ask, “Are you mad?” She gives me a scary look, “Listen hero, keep your fucking mouth shut and one word, I’ll blow your head. Shocked? The thing is that I was playing a game. I hate this bitch Anumrita and I am in love with you. We are going to get married. You get that! Karan has killed Anumrita and she will never come between us.” I am shaking with fear and mutter, “She was your best friend.” Tania expresses an evil grin, “She is a bitch and took you away from me.

The car whooshes its way in the outskirt of Mumbai and after braving the mad traffic for an hour, made way in front of a deserted Bungalow, cut off from city life. I mean, even if they plan to kill, no one will hear my cry and will be dumped somewhere near the lake. Karan, dressed in Black suit, opens the car’ door and pushes me inside the house. Both ordered, “Now, go inside the room.” I got the shock of my life when I saw Anumrita, half-conscious and I reaches for her hand as she tries to stand on her feet. She slowly opens her eyes, “Are you part of the conspiracy? I am confusion and ask, “Conspiracy. What conspiracy? Tania forcefully abducted me at gun point, telling she wants to marry me and Karan killed you. Both of us were bemused, before realizing that Tania and Karan abducted both of us.

We walk past the door to see Karan and Tania smiling. I meekly ask, “You abducted Anumrita from her marriage to bring her here?” Tania smiles, “Abe! Hero! She is my best friend and you think I am stupid to let her marry Mr money bag when she is in love with you. Don’t be confused. Karan is my boy friend and we worked on a plan to unite both of you.”

Tania winks at Anumrita, the abducted bride who is still recovering from the shock, who in turn directs her gaze at me, “Now, you tell me, why should I marry you?”

I bend on my knees and hold her hand in mine, couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful bride, adorned by gold and red saree. “Anumrita,” I say, closing my eyes. “Since I discovered life, it was you and only you in my life. You are my oxygen that let me breath free and we are like Whisky and Soda. You are my liquor and I am your Soda. I cannot live without you and stop fiddling with my heart that you took long time back. You’ve taken my soul away and how can the body stay apart? I love you, Anumrita and say yes…please yaar, jaldi kar, my knee is hurting.”

Anumrita looks at Tania and ask, “Should I say yes? I love you, too.” We hug each other and Tania comes close to insist for a smooch. We, me and Karan, couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Anumrita and Tania, smooching passionately. The boy friends separated the girls with their might by shouting, , “Hell! Are you girls planning to become lesbians or what?”

Anumrita coolly says, ‘That’s Sam promise to Tania and, unfortunately, my man is taken and so I am doing the obvious. Tania shouted, “Where is the (officiating priest) Pandit?” Anumrita and I look around when both of us are taken to a decorated room and made to sit in the Mandap where a tiny fellow, the Pandit, performs the marriage rites as we exchange vows and putting garlands into each other’s  neck.

Tania and Karan hugs us and offered a surprise gift, two air tickets to Miami with free hotel stay for a month. Tania said, “You gotta take the flight in four hours and so get ready, we are going to the airport.

As Karan was driving us to Mumbai airport, Anumrita asks Tania, “What about Mr Money Bags and my parents.” Tania smiles, “Don’t worry, Baba. I broke your marriage and now I am sure your parents would not want to see the face of your best friend ever again. We’ve set Mr Money Bags, making him drink  full bottle of Johnny Walker whisky and when Karan escorted him on the bed, I forcefully jump on him, removed my bra, to give the impression we were banging. My boy friend raised a ruckus and your Mom and Dad entered the room to see us in the condition you must be guessing. Poor Mr Money Bags protested vehemently that he is being trapped but your parents only saw the truth concocted by Karan and me. Babe! Just enjoy your honeymoon.”

Anumrita and I hug Tania, calling her, ‘bitch.’ The bitch is proud, “That I am.” Both Tania and Karan waves good bye to us as we walk past the departure zone.  The plane slowly zooms its way at the airport and whooshes in the deep blue sky. We kissed like a happily married couple coz we know that we shall come back after two years to take blessing from our parents, letting their anger to subside.

With Love




Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

6 thoughts on “Final and last chapter (8): Love, Break up and Coffee

  1. I am afraid I haven’t been up to date with the novella. Let me catch up on it but yeah, this piece made for good independent reading as well. 🙂 But more importantly, I think your whole concept of part-by-part pieces that come together to make a novella is terrific.

    1. Take your time and read the whole mini-novella. Thanks loads, Debo and it’s a huge compliment that can only encourage me to come up with more&more short stories like this one.

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