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WoW! The mind reader

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time:

What if you are blessed with a power to read others’ minds? Whose mind will you read and why? What will you hear it say?


How I wish I could land up with the super power of reading minds? Hell! I’m not into Black Magic or joining the brigade of self-claimed Gurus fleecing the Aam Aadmi and Khaas Aurat money, pretending to read minds of lovers, predicting India’s win in cricket or whether the next Amitabh Bachchan movie will be a smash hit at the Box office or whether their foes are plotting conspiracies to bring down their empire.

It’s my sixth sense in the imaginative, they tell me. False pretense? I ain’t no Harry Potter or Super man but belongs to the plain breed of Mango People.  Oh! My super mind and lemme pretend of having the sixth sense to know about things that goes around. I shall read the minds of politicians and war mongers and craft a strategy to play with their minds to give a taste of their own medicine. I shall give them false leads, throwing pot of gold at them as they will be tempted by the greed to have more. It’s a trap you see as they will be drawn to Maya Jaal that will lead them to the desert, never to come back to trouble people and make life hell. I shall punish those who wage wars, killing innocent children, babies, men and women. The rapists and perpetrators of crime against women shall find their minds caught in a maelstrom, making them lose their inner peace and losing peace, dying every second, asking for liberation yet shall never attain it in their life.

The manipulators and conspirators, wait I am coming to get you full swing. I shall stand on your way when you play mind games and indulge in office politics. You shall never get an easy way the moment I read your mind and prevent havoc wrecked on the world and shall stand on your way, destroying each and every plan of yours. I will make you bite the dust and eat your own words. I will concoct a magic potion a la Harry Potter, making you spell your vile plans to the world. It will be called the day of judgement when you will stand helpless as the world will witness your true colors.

O’ my lover where are you! The sweet girl I’ve been pursuing relentlessly and who makes me go weak on my knees every time she pops up in front of me. I shall never worry of winning your heart coz your mind will tell me if you are interested , thus, saving me the effort  of running after you. I will not be the victim of the mad pursuit and spend my time, worrying when is the proper time to ask you out for a coffee and movie date. O’ Girl! You are mine, will be my mantra.

I shall be the most powerful man on earth, spreading my magic all over the place. Ahem! Ahem! I will read the mind of Blog Adda and will not wait till Tuesday to know if I bagged my 12th consecutive WoW. I will be an instant winner after I hit the push button:)

With Love



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

18 thoughts on “WoW! The mind reader

    1. Thanks Cifar and welcome the honest feedback shared. I feel this one wasn’t gripping enough and left me quite unhappy..should be more creative. But, then, not every time we manage to churn awesome stuffs.

    1. Thanks loads. Diana and how I wish, my sixth sense would save the world. Haha! Yeag, girls make us run too much and find innovative ways to win their hearts..hate doing that…

    1. Thank u so much Sir for sharing. Next time, I visit will definitely pay Pandit-ji a visit. I remember there was one with a parrot in Pune at JM Road, outside McDo:)

    1. Thanks Anita. Absolutely love ur take and mine doesn’t even come an inch close. I am sure I won’t be in this time..hehe..not very satisfied with the income:(

  1. Haha, what an entertaining post, Vishal! Definitely a winner. 🙂
    It would be great if we could read minds. On second thoughts, the things we would hear/read may not turn out be that pleasant after all.

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