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Getting goose bumps, not very Phunny Phunny!

What’s the fish!!! I ain’t in the sea, throwing the bait to catch the fish..ahem! ahem! A post is being scripted out of sheer boredom and me trying to me phunny when I am feeling lame for being lame cum inactive. Kick the blues! It’s Friday, I know!! You don’t need to tell me.

Time is passing me rather than the other way round. Hope, M still making sense, at least, pretending to….party online, party online, party on the blog! Now, pleaze somebody tell me why I am sounding like Yoyo!! haha! Honey Singh. Makes me wonder whether there is any pill to kill stupidity or lame jokes that makes the round from time-to-time. Howz bout killing idiots on social media? Just for a thought. Now, wait!!! The ones who craps all kinda gibberish talks like forking out Hakka Noodles to get noticed..a simple case of suffering from attention syndrome!!!!

Now, I am really scared for myself and state of mind. Am I verging towards the syndrome of amnesia? I am shit scared for the rest of my days on planet earth. Hua aisa ke I normally pre-schedule my UBC Posts on word pad and thought ki I have saved it somewhere on my mail and time, before leaving office, I’ll just do a quick edit and post in a jiffy. I just realized that the post is saved on lap top at home. Oh! Lord! Somebody please kill me, seriously. What made me think that I’ve mailed self the document-something I really do. Now, wringing a battle with self.

Seriously, I mean how I end up achieving such things, defying law of gravity! May be, I am genius that will put Newton to shame. Creative! Creative! My Creative self! Where art thou! I am gunning for bone tickling and kick ass moments, which has abandoned my grey cell to do hawan and jelly dance somewhere. Oye! Teri! Dimaag ki baati jalao coz this post is not very very funny at all. Am I burned out? I mean, already!! Getting goose bumps.






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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