An enthralling monsoon, perfect life


Droplets of rain exude magic feeling as street kids display a twinge of mischief jumping in water puddles and performing somersaults;

It’s the new season of ecstatic joy and magic;

Couples stealing a moment of intimacy, cuddling and kissing passionatelyas they sit on the rocks, crescent waves hitting the shore;

Farmers invoking the God for the monsoon to reach in full swing to create a ripple of  harvest bringing harbinger of hope, wealth and quenching hunger-cum-thirst. 

A romantic evening spent sitting ay the beach, getting soaked and drenched in rain as colorful umbrellas embellish the city;

Cabs whoosh past the busy streets clobbered by heavy rains, office goers swirling home, trains running late and commuters getting stranded.

We love the monsoon adventure despite the tribulations of getting stuck in the rain and our constant whining about the state of our roads;

The imperfection of a perfect life which makes the monsoon season an enthralling affair.

Enjoy and lotsa love




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