Wordless Wednesday #43: Never lose kindle of hope

Wordless Wednesday #43

“Life is an everyday struggle and we tread on our path, no matter how much the going gets tough.  One should never abandon hope since there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”–self

This picture was clicked during my last visit to my favorite city on earth, Mumbai, during December 2011.

I am linking the picture to the wonderful blog of Ruchira Khanna (http://abracabadra.blogspot.com/) for Wordless Wednesday #43.194


  1. What I like about this photo is that it is bursting with life and no where do I see a car (motorcycles don’t count.) In the biggest city near me, you wouldn’t see many pedestrians and the street would be clogged with an endless row of cars.

  2. Great click of hustle bustle and then the proverb was an icing…light at the end of the tunnel🙂

    Glad you found the light at the end of your tunnel…celebration of a new job!!

    Wishing you success and thanks for linking up:)

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