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Wednesday Prompt: Let’s beat the block together

This post is written as part of ‘Wednesday’s Prompt’ hosted on by Corinne Rodrigues ( based on the theme, ‘Exploring Bloggers’ Block. The prompt details:

“Describe at least 5 ways you tackle writer’s block / blogger’s block” You are free to describe more than 5. After the linky closes, we’ll pick ten ideas and compile them into a post here, duly crediting the creator of the idea.

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Let’s beat the block together

Write Tribe

You are not allowed to nurture writer’s block/ bloggers’ block, the sane and mature soul tells me, almost scaring me to death. I constantly think throughout the day and nights as ideas keep brewing like fresh coffee at the back of the mind. Speak about a stimulant of sorts!

When write tribe came up with the prompt on writer’s block, I jumped on the occasion and it couldn’t come at a better time. This July started with a bang, dabbling with several  stuffs…the July UBC Blogging challenge on my other blog ( where I am churning a mini novella, working on a rom-com novel and, of course, stuffs that I post daily. I feel jettisoned and believe it or not, I am facing the block since I dunno when and my mind-cum-writing is increasingly being time tested. I mean, at times, you don’t know what to write since you spend the major portion of the day sketching characters and ideas. And, the worst part is scripting ideas to form coz the mind is being creatively overworked and bearing the brunt of tiredness. After all, isn’t what we writers-Nopes I am not one but under illusion and can’t help it- and bloggers do?! It’s been very painful writing simple stuffs and guess, blog fatigue is seeping in. The review I did for a friend’s short films seems to be an uphill task despite the fact that it’s been a cake walk for me-yeah, I’ve been a film critic in the past.


How do I go about beating the writer’s block or at least try to:

1. Pre-schedule posts. With the new job which will whittle away my free time and and the daily UBC Challenge, I am making an extra effort to pre-schedule at least two posts in a day. That way, I have at least one day free from blogging and writing to de-clutter the mind from weaving ideas into words. The mind is our motor and after being constantly oiled, it deserves some rest.

2. Reading books or magazines. Yeah! Right! Reading about life style in newspapers and magazines or a single book chapter is the way to beat the block coz one can never know when the new idea will smote one’s senses. There are certain writers whose style is unique and flowery, weaving dreams in the sky that makes us wanna take up the cudgels. In a flash of second, the block is in the distant past.

3. Scribbling. Like a kid, I love scribbling meaningless stuffs in my diary, sheet of paper or on newspaper pages. It can serve as a fillip to beat the writers’ block and the trick lies in keeping paper and pen on the desk. Just jot any crap and who knows, it may just be the best selling idea.

4. Engage with your tribe. There is no better way than vanquishing and over powering the demon called writer’s block than engaging with your tribe. We are everywhere, on the blog, Twitter, Google and Facebook. I remember once I updated a status how to kill the block on Facebook and the response was overwhelming, with so many superb ideas and suggestions flowing in. I don’t hesitate to pinge fellow bloggers when I feel low on writing front and start discussing on how I can kick it off. It works wonders, trust me.

5. Cut off from writing completely. I am yet to put it into practice. Mental blocks keep happening when we feel that we may not be able to script or sketch something to its desired end and give shape to. As they say, turn over a new leaf and get set for a stroll, hop on your favorite coffee shop with a book or catch a movie and watch the news on NDTV. In short, delete the mental block from the mind to come back writing at a leisurely pace.

Like they say, the secret to overcome writers’ block is to write, write and write or read, read and read. It’s been long that I penned something in my diary which is lying in some dusty corner in the room and time to jot something, doesn’t matter if it’s just five lines.




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17 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt: Let’s beat the block together

  1. Writers block is a scary idea (one I try not to entertain by engaging in fear of it!) Great tips for chasing it away. I’ve had to cut way down on blog posts recently (because of time issues), but the reduced pressure of ‘have to write’ helps ideas surface. In addition to some things you mentioned, I sometimes find ideas in watching TV – whether it be the evening news or a crime show – Forensic Files is a favorite of mine. Anyway, hope your new job is going well 🙂

    1. I know and the moment, it gets to you, you just can’t write. It looks I gotta cut down from next week, owing to jam packed schedule with new job and all, thinking to devote time more efficient. twice a week to comment on blogs and write, rest of the days reading, watching movies, news and creative/novel writing:)

  2. Great tips here, Vishal 🙂
    My problem is putting in the time & effort to write all what I want to write!

    1. That’s a major issue I know..makes it tough to pull all strings together to write. It happens to me often..many of my writing stuff suffering a toll.
      Thanks loads, Anita:)

    1. Hi I just started pre scheduling my posts and would soon hop on ur space. Yeps, it’s quite a tight schedule and have no other option to make things work.
      Btw, I enjoy all your posts, Soumya:)

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