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Guest Post: The Finish line by Salesh Fernando


On Sunday, the blog celebrated Seven years with WordPress and as I look back, it’s been a long journey full of adventure, upsets and learning curve as well as making wonderful friends on the way. When I started this adventure, I was alien what hits mean and what’s content was and is all about.  The blog gained exposure last year where I got many followers and tremendous support from which provided fillip. A big thank you and hugs to all my dear friends, followers who constantly like and comment on my posts. Looking for a long association with you all.

Salesh Dipak Fernando

Today, a dear friend Salesh Dipak Fernando graces my blog with a guest post. Salesh is an inspiration not just as a writer but a humble human being who braved several storms in his life. I look up to such genuine human beings who don’t carry any load and are happy being themselves. Salesh is one such human being. When I updated my status, looking for guest bloggers, Salesh was among the first ones, offering to pen something. He told me that it would be sent on last Thursday and he remained true to his words.

Give Salesh a big shout on and I promise he will stay in your hearts forever not only for being a genuine person but you will learn so much from him about life. Over to Salesh’s guest post. Also, he has been very kind to me and I don’t think that I that deserve such words of praise but I appreciate his words.



by Salesh Dipak Fernando

 I come back from hibernation for a very good friend Vishal Bheeroo, a veteran who has continued his relentless passion towards writing for 7 long years. The moment Vishal wanted me to make a guest appearance in his space I said yes. The sickness which has  been plaguing me for the past few weeks didn’t seem to matter.

 Just as I was thinking about what to write, a milestone by Vishal gave me the spark that I needed. The screenshot showed 50,000 hits and that’s when I begin to admire the person that Vishal was. Don’t get me wrong it was never about the   number. What attracted me was the fact that he has worked for 7 years to get to that little milestone.

 Isn’t it too slow?  There are bloggers who get 5000- 10000 hits in a single day. This is just 50,000.  For me, this small milestone isn’t just a number it’s years of learning and unlearning.

 There is something that people around us tend to conveniently forget everyone has their own pace of working towards a goal and thus the race begins – a mad rush to the finish line and more often than not it’s not out of our own will but because some tom, dick or harry has forced us to do so.

 We end up being victims of the society’s perceptions.  There’s a famous phrase which people often tend to use “Travelling in the same boat”. I try to rephrase it differently. Why does it always have to be a boat? The fact that no two people are alike means I am entitled to a vehicle of my choice to reach my destination. You don’t always need a boat sometimes a bicycle would be just fine.

 The choice is always with us.  Even though win at all costs seems too tempting my choice would always be crossing the finish line at my own pace. You don’t always have to be the star player sometimes being a last minute substitute and providing that all important match-winning goals is just as good. 




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

20 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Finish line by Salesh Fernando

  1. Very well said salesh. Too many opportunities are missed at times, because we keep comparing our lives and success with others. 🙂
    And Vishal I agree with what you wrote about Salesh 🙂 🙂
    Keep blogging!!!!!

  2. The last line of Salesh’s post is very well put! Worth some serious thought indeed.
    Congratulations Vishal for completing 7 years…way to go! Wishing you many more fun-filled years ahead 🙂

  3. This was just proven in the final fo the world cup the substitue for germany scored the winning goal .. 🙂

    and way to go vishal i now know its been 7 years since you been writing WOWO .. hats off you Sir

  4. Wow! Congrats, Vishal! 7 Years is special!
    In Marriage, there is the 7-year-itch 🙂 But, I wish you all the very best to have no itch with Blogging…
    Rather, only smooth sailing in whichever vehicle you choose, as Salesh rightly observes.
    Very nice to read his wise words 🙂

  5. Congratulations on completing seven years on the blog Vishal. I loved Salesh’s views on success. Every person has his own pace and ways to reach there.

  6. congratulations for your seventh anniversary! we started blogging at the same time it seems..i.e. same year or I joined wp two years later! and i used to think you are the newbie 🙂

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