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Write tribe 100 words on Saturday #17

it does feel like home, dosn’t it?

This post is written as part of 100 Words on Saturday 2014  #17 hosted by

Write Tribe

As I step inside the white coated room, an air of familiarity breeds in, strangely drawing me to this far removed place. The moment I open the old, decrepit cupboard,a shining miniature red Ferrari toy grabbed my attention. I jump, ‘What is this toy doing here? It’s mine.’  Lying on bed, I rack my brain for hours and finally tube light moment struck.

Years back, I visited the place along with mom and dad for holiday and in a hurry to pack our luggage, I forgot the toy inside this wooden cupboard. It feels like home where we carved memories.







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26 thoughts on “Write tribe 100 words on Saturday #17

  1. Awww! Such a sweet and touching tale, Vishal!
    Yes, they toys and other important stuff trigger off such memories that make us say cheese 🙂

  2. Magical are the memories associated with very old books and toys…. little treasures we find in old cupboards and attics…. beautifully expressed Vishal….

    1. Well observed. I feel memories makes it home and I feel automatically drawn to certain places, trusting my feeling that somehow tells me that I’ve been to this place:)

  3. Now, that’s a very creative take on the home prompt, Vishal. Very well done! Your child-like innocence is so obvious through this piece of writing 🙂

  4. It’s always interesting to go back to memories in a coincidental way! Such a sweet tale it was, Bro. Keep blogging! *hugs*

    – Rahul

  5. That was a nice short post V. 🙂 Unknowingly we create such memories over time which revisit us later. And when it does, it brings back this feeling of nostalgia of a time well spent, of an era long forgotten. 🙂

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