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Inspired: The day shall come!

This poem has been prompted and inspired by my very dear friend, Soumya ( who weaved and connected the dots on her theme, ‘Child of World’s Destiny.’ Her poem touched my heart and captivated my soul. Do read Soumya’s thought-provoking words which will not only shock your senses but disturb your peaceful nature to reflect on the fallacy called human existence.

Oh! My country folks!

Can’t you see the pain of the homeless and starving child?

O! Mighty ruler! It doesn’t pains you sitting on the thrones echoing despotism?

Have you no shame?

Sitting on the mighty throne and basking in your own glory, pilfering public money and snatching smile on the face of innocent, lifeless faces.

For how long, you will break hurts as your subjects go to bed on empty stomachs?

A cry for humanity as you indulges in corrupt practices, polluting minds shred into pieces, battling each other in the name of religion, caste or nation.

Prepare yourself for may hem! When the people decide to take revenge on you, you will not be spared when the day shall come to wrestle power from you.

The day will come when you shall not be able to atone from your sins of destroying lives and pilfering wealth.

There shall come a time when it will be impossible for us to bear your atrocities. The war has already started against inhuman practices.

Till then, enjoy your throne and starting counting your days. Power will be regained by the people to make a more human society where there shall be no war, civil strife and bloodshed.





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10 thoughts on “Inspired: The day shall come!

  1. politicians are the worst rulers human civilization has invented for themselves… the despots died, so did the tyrants… but these politicians just keep taking birth again and again in the same form!!!

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